Surviving Christmas (2004) (part 6 of 7)

Downstairs, Alicia storms into the kitchen and tells her folks that Drew is making fools of all of them, and that he has to go tonight, because she can’t stay in the house with him any longer. Their parental concern runs so deep you can tangibly feel it yourself, as they say, “So what?”

She exits, Drew enters, and now you really have to pay attention throughout this portion. Not because it’s overly complicated, or important; it’s just that there’s so much storyline shorthand, the plot lurches forward in fits and starts.

Drew says that Alicia is correct, that he understands he’s been imposing on them, and that he’ll just cut them a check and go off alone. Christine tells him no, they don’t want his money, and tells him to stay. Tom says they don’t need his cash… a check will do fine.

Then Drew gets a call from Missy. She’s thrilled to hear he’s with his family, and she says she’s coming over. She also wants to go to Fiji with him after all, and he gets excited by this news. Then she says she’s actually waiting for him outside the house with her family, in their car.

For reasons unclear to me, this news throws Drew into a panic. He starts shrieking that the Valcos need to continue to be his family for another couple of hours. Tom tells him to check the contract, because Drew bailed, and now he owes them the cash.

Drew panics some more, and says he can’t tell his girlfriend that he rented a family. Though, I’m certain she’ll figure it out at the next family gathering, but he’s not thinking straight at the moment. As the doorbell rings, Tom extorts Drew for an additional $75,000, and they agree to continue the charade. Whew, that was a lot to describe in less than three minutes of screen time.

The two families sit down by the tree and share an uncomfortable silence, and then Christine decides to share baby photos with them. This does not go over well. Though, I am left wondering why Missy rode in the car with her head sticking out of the window.

Surviving Christmas (2004) (part 6 of 7)
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Multi-Part Article: Surviving Christmas (2004)

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