Surviving Christmas (2004) (part 4 of 7)

Drew steps over and is about to light up the tree, when there’s a knock at the door. Frustrated, he goes over to answer it and meets Alicia (Christina Applegate), the Valco’s older daughter. No mention was made of her prior to her arrival, and they clearly never informed her ahead of time of the new family arrangement. So it appears the family tradition of being emotionally distant from each other applies to Alicia as well. I think she may have gotten out just in time.

Once she’s brought up to speed, Alicia starts to say all the things the audience has been saying for some time now: how Drew is crazy, that the family has lost their minds, etc. Alicia tries to get Christine to come to her senses, but she’s quickly dismissed, and the family returns to their ersatz enjoyment of the holiday season.

They rejoin Drew in the living room, where he’s pimped the tree in anticipation of the ceremonial lighting. As they morosely sit in wait, we get more subtle humor. It turns out Drew has rigged the lights to turn on with the aid of the Clapper.

Caption contributed by Martini Shark

Imagine that; instead of Whoville, it looks like the Grinch pillaged a trailer park.

The next morning, it’s snowing, and Drew has now regressed even further, and he bounces around like an eight year old. He giddily coaxes Brian outside for fun in the snow. Drew has a good time constantly pelting Brian with snowballs, while Brian stands rigid to absorb the blows. Tom comes out and sends Brian inside, and then he makes Drew toss one at him, giving him an excuse to chase the guy down.

Later, they come inside, with Drew sporting an apparent shiner from Tom’s ice ball. This is reminiscent of the joy we all felt way back when Tom crowned Drew with the snow shovel.

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Multi-Part Article: Surviving Christmas (2004)

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