Surviving Christmas (2004) (part 2 of 7)

The next day, Drew instructs his assistant to buy a Cartier bracelet for Missy, and he then retires to his office to pore through his rolodex. He calls a friend of his, and we see what kind of dude Drew really is; the type who feels the need to bond with his buds via the overuse of nicknames.

Drew: [on the phone] Dougie! Duggin, Doog-Ray—Douglas… this is Drew.

After trying to score an invite to his buddy’s holiday plans and failing, we then watch as “The Drew-inator” goes through his entire contact list, trying to impose himself on anyone, all with no success.

This is… a load of crap. He gets dumped, and suddenly we’re to believe he’s been hit with a wave of holiday sentimentality? Less than twelve hours ago, Christmas was an inconvenience, now he’s desperate for home, hearth, and hugs? I ain’t buying it. He must have a deep-seated emotional flaw, something akin to bipolar disorder, only involving Christmas. Maybe he’s been diagnosed as North Pole-ar.

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Multi-Part Article: Surviving Christmas (2004)

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