Celebrate Your Brand Spankin’ New Year With This Surprise EP From The Pixies

What’s that you say? You would like a surprise new Pixies four-song EP for a New Year’s present even though there is really no such thing as a New Year’s present and the Pixies are losing bassists at Spinal Tap drummer rates of late? Pixies have got you covered.


Do you also want said four-song EP in any number of formats ranging from $4 for a cold, lonely efficient collection of bits and bytes sent across the ether all the way up to $60 for the super-deluxe prize pack with limited-edition vinyl and limited edition hoodie? Probably, if you are the kind of person that still wears a hoodie! No matter what your sartorial preferences, Pixies have got you covered.

Do you want it to have a sort of nondescript name like “EP2” that shows you that the Pixies are just too bawse to be bothered with naming their records? Pixies have got you covered. Do you also want a new video? Jesus, you people are needy, but Pixies have got you covered.

We’re hoping that the rest of the EP sounds as good as the single, “Blue-Eyed Hexe,” which sounds basically like Frank Black hired AC/DC’s rhythm section to anchor the thing and then let lead singer Brian Johnson come along and sing the screamy high parts as well. You could do a lot worse.

They’re also out on tour again for a six-month stretch that takes them through good old regular ‘Merica, South America, and socialist Europe, so perhaps you could get it in gear and see them, hmmm? The betting pool for how many bassists they go through in six months starts now.

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