VIDEO: Superman (1978)

We know what you’re thinking: Superman: The Movie has a great cast, an iconic score, and awesome special effects. Isn’t this movie too good to make fun of, and obsessively nitpick over? To that we say: Welcome to the Agony Booth! Is this your first time here?

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  • onespark

    Your whole schtick is riffed from the Nostalgia Critic. Especially the Ms.
    Teschmaucher bit. Try again Eric Idle!

    • Solkir

      Oh yeah I totally agree. My older stuff is heavily influenced by those who came before. NC and Spoony in particular. But there’s a payoff to it in my Superman 2 review.

      • $36060516

        Hey, that’s one of the cooler responses I’ve seen to a potentially inflammatory comment. Kudos on rolling with it in a very smooth yet respectful way, Solkir. (I haven’t watched the review yet, just read the comments!)

        • Solkir

          Well you were absolutely right. My older stuff isn’t great, but there’s some story elements that need to be set up so it’s not confusing when we get to newer better videos. And in my defense, I was kinda playing up the “angry reviewer” trope a little bit intentionally here.

          • $36060516

            Oh, I wasn’t the guy who made that comment about your video. I haven’t seen the video yet and so don’t know if it’s anything like Nostalgia Critic myself. Just saw that comment had been made and was thinking “ooh, this could turn ugly in the comments section.”

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Well, tbh it has some resemblance, however – I think, that it is a good comment in his own right. And you are right, Solkir, that Supes Part 1 – while being a classic movie – is not without its flaws.

          • Solkir

            Oh yeah, sorry. I just saw the empty picture slot and didn’t look at the names. My mistake

          • $36060516

            Good reason for me to set up a profile picture, so my mistake too!

  • Marshall Oliver Estes

    I seem to remember reading that Marlon Brando didn’t want to learn his lines in “Apocalypse Now” and “The Island of Doctor Moreau” as well. Seems to be a theme for his later career

    • Solkir

      It’s even worse in Superman 2

  • Robert Bateman

    This comment is in relation to time point 17:59 of your review. Of course Ms. Teschmacher has “Teschmacher Peaks” named for Valerie Perrine’s nice rack. I enjoy how Lex gets angry over the addition of “Otisburg”.