Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987) (part 7 of 12)

The spectacle abruptly ends. Cut to hands nervously tapping on a coffee table, a martini glass on either side. Three men in suits are hanging out in Lex Luthor’s secret villain lair. They stand as Lex enters, arm in arm with two bimbos who we quickly learn are named Trixie and Dixie. And I’m sure Lex wishes he were in Dixie, he does, he does. The men in suits aim guns at Lex, establishing their evilness, but he quickly chills them out.

Lex makes the introductions. Trixie and Dixie, meet Henry Howler, who Luthor identifies as a “nuclear strategist from America’s top think tank,” whatever that means. Does that have anything to do with nucular strategery?

Henry is also “a great little warmonger in his own right!” I can’t say for sure where they’re going with any of this, but Henry Howler is wearing a gaudy pinstripe suit, with a gold tie and a gold handkerchief. He also happens to be played by William “Billy” Hootkins, who five years prior was the cab driver in Trail of the Pink Panther. So welcome to Repeat Offender-hood, Billy.

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Multi-Part Article: Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)

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