Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987) (part 5 of 12)

At some random hotel, Mr. Warfield and Lacy are shaking hands with Jeremy SpokeInClassToday and welcoming him to Metropolis. And apparently, Jeremy the Emissary of Peace has come here alone [??], unaccompanied by parents, classmates, or even his hot teacher. Warfield asks how his “trip” was, and Jeremy randomly mumbles, “Car had a flat.” What? Was that in one of the cut scenes?

Reporters snap pictures and point microphones in Jeremy’s direction, and Warfield ushers him behind a podium. After much coaxing from Warfield to make sure he’s heard by the press, Jeremy yells out what’s really on his mind: “I just said I wish Su-perman woulda said yeee-eess!” In another sterling example of high comedy, the next shot is a spinning newspaper headline—Really? A spinning newspaper headline? Are you guys sure you want to go with a gag that creaky? And you want to add the clichéd descending violin line, too? Really? Well, you’re the filmmakers. Far be it for me to question your judgment.

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Multi-Part Article: Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)

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