Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987) (part 4 of 12)

Cut to lanky Clark lanking his way into the offices of the Daily Planet, where boss Perry White (once again played by Jackie Cooper), yells at Clark for being late. Yeah, see, uh, boss, I was saving a subway train full of people, and um… Actually, forget that one. I tried that excuse once, and believe me, that dog won’t hunt.

Clark notices the rest of Daily Planet staff has crowded into a conference room, where an old Stuffy McRichbanker type is flipping through the Planet and randomly tossing out adjectives like, “Boring! Tedious!” and “Abominable!” But is it “common-place“?

Clark sits besides Lois and asks what’s going on. Oddly, she, Perry, and Jimmy Olsen are the only ones sitting at the table. Everyone else is just silently loitering in the background. Wonder why. In a joke that’s too subtle to be picked up without the help of subtitles, Lois sarcastically says, “Regardez, voila monsieur David Warfield!” (See? She’s learning French! It’s hilarious!)

Yes! David Warfield! The “tycoon who owns all those sleazy tabloids,” as Clark helpfully super-expositionizes.

Au contraire, mon ami,” Lois says slyly. “Who owns all those sleazy tabloids…” and then both Lois and Jimmy say in unison, “And the Daily Planet!” Well, this is satire at its finest, isn’t it? I think you’ll truly be missing out if I don’t pause to explain the joke.

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Multi-Part Article: Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)

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