Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987) (part 2 of 12)

How’s this for sheer randomness? The DVD menu for Superman IV shows an image of Superman in front of the Los Angeles skyline. Don’t ask me why, because as far as I can recall, not one single scene in this movie (or any of the other Superman movies, for that matter) takes place in Los Angeles. Okay, okay. I think there was a brief scene in the first movie where the Hollywood sign was about to tumble over, but.. come on. It was probably the cheapest stock photo they could find.

The film begins with the familiar fanfare of John Williams’ classic theme from the original, only this time with random echo effects applied. Cut to a static photo of the earth taken from space, as the credits come flying over our heads and then disappear past the horizon.

And already, the cost cutting is evident, because these credits are nowhere near the majestic blue, zooming, space-dwelling credits of the first two films. They just look like normal credits with crappy blue and red trails behind them. So, for those keeping score, we’re not even past the opening credits yet, and I’m already feeling suicidal.

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Multi-Part Article: Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)

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  • Jason Pierce

    It took my five evenings, but I managed to read this entire recap. Well done, good sir! I haven’t laughed this hard in months, and I got five nights of mirth, at that. Thanks, and I look forward to checking out more of this site.


  • drdvdplayerhandbook

    I hate to nitpick into fun writing like this, but it’s “Jonathan”, not “Jonathon”. Unless there’s a joke there I’m not getting.

  • Spokesnight

    This is the funniest review I’ve ever read for this movie. I can#’t stop laughing. You should do Jaws The Revenge, if you haven’t already!

  • Asher

    Okay, I’ll admit it: I liked this movie when I was a kid. God, what the hell was I THINKING?!!

    • johnnycucumber

      It could be worse. I STILL like this movie. At least I have the taste to realize how bad it really is, though.

  • Shoebox

    Wonderful review, am currently re-reading. In re: the ludicrousness of Nuclear Man’s freezing Superman by blowing on him in space… may I just also mention the part where NM is supposed to have “internally generated heat”, granted him by the Sun no less? As gratuitously demonstrated by the smoking footprints and all that? Superman knockoff or no, the idea of him having freeze-breath powers is completely impossible by the logic of what’s shown all of about five minutes previously.

  • Chris Palmer

    I actually have the book Lois uses in this movie. I never actually used it myself, but it’s a…fascinating method of teaching French: Once a word is introduced, all English occurrences of that word are replaced with the French. It’s really only good for saying “J’apprends le Français!”

  • Boulevard Denim

    Superman talking in space wasn’t a new thing. In Superman II, Zod and Ursa were talking on the moon so it had a precedent. Someone back in 1981 mentioned that Kryptonians were able to speak in something akin to radio waves; sort of broadcasting their speech. Hey, at least it was some explanation.