Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987) (part 10 of 12)

Cut to the Superman action figure and the Nuclear Man action figure, suddenly back up in space. Green Screen Superman catches up to Green Screen Nuclear Man, and grabs onto his boot. In response, Nuclear Man turns around and his cheeks puff out as he blows a stream of white vapor in Superman’s direction. Superman is then instantly imprisoned within a block of ice [!].

Now, there are way too many scientific implausibilities happening here for me to possibly enumerate them all. But if I were going to list them off, I would start with the fact that, again, there’s no air in space. So how is Nuclear Man “blowing” cold air in Superman’s direction? Even though I’m sure Nuclear Man is quite adept at blowing, as well as sucking, possibly both at the same time, this makes absolutely no sense.

Caption contributed by Albert

Sorry, but every joke I come up with here is just way too obscene. Yeah, even for this site.

Granted, maybe he had some super-quantity of air in his lungs before he entered space. Even allowing for that, creating a block of ice requires the presence of water. And contrary to what some (i.e., the filmmakers) might believe, there’s no water in space, either.

Caption contributed by Albert

“I’ll show that pussy David Blaine a real stunt!”

And even if you ignore all the violations of basic science going on here, this scene is still a stupid piece of crap. Because if Nuclear Man were somehow able to create a Kal-El-Sicle in space, you’d expect to see Superman flying at Nuclear Man, and then the ice slowly forming around him. Right? Well, it turns out they left out that first part. If you watch carefully, all we see is a shot of completely empty space, and suddenly the whole ice block including Superman fades into view. In retrospect, maybe I was being too hard on the double date scene. Can we go back to that?

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Multi-Part Article: Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)

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