Max Fleischer's Superman (part 5 of 5)

Clark says “perhaps” to the man’s assertions, and then asks what he wants them to do about it. The man insists the paper write a story demanding everyone vacate the island, which means the mayor likely laughed at him. Stupid mayor. Last time you failed to take a crazy man seriously, he shot your city with a death ray.

Lois says it’s fantastic, which… means she thinks it’s a wonderful idea? [checks dictionary] Huh. Fantastic can also mean “imaginary: existing only in the imagination”. Oh, the root word of fantastic is “fantasy”. Duh. So why the hell do people use the word “fantastic” to describe something that’s awesome, when the word pretty much describes stuff that’s beyond reason? Did the use of the word change between 1941 and now? It’s like one of those words that used to mean one thing, but now means something else, like awful or brave.

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Multi-Part Article: Max Fleischer's Superman

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