Max Fleischer's Superman (part 2 of 5)

At the Daily Planet, men are listening to the radio and…

Wait. It’s midnight. Christ, don’t these people have homes to go to? I understand a newspaper would have a night staff, but this seems kind of crazy. Especially with Clark being there. It’s like all those Star Trek episodes where the main cast is always on the bridge when something exciting happens.

Clark overhears the radio report of the city being death-rayed and decides, “This looks like a job for Superman.” This is pretty much exactly how the voice actor, Bud Collyer, says his lines. He does a wonderful job of giving Clark and Superman distinctive voices, much like Kevin Conroy would do decades later for the Batman animated series (Bud also did the voice of Superman on radio. Heck, he even came back to do Superman during the ‘66 Filmation era!).

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Multi-Part Article: Max Fleischer's Superman

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