Supergirl vs. Lucifer – Two more comic books getting their own TV shows

With CBS picking up a new Supergirl series, every single major network now has a superhero show to call its own. And FOX has additionally picked up Lucifer, who is decidedly NOT a superhero nor even necessarily a good guy but the star of his own comic book nonetheless. Let’s start with that one…


A Lucifer TV show seems like exactly the sort of thing FOX News would spend weeks condemning if it weren’t on a sister station. Yes, the title character is, in fact, the one and only prince of darkness, cast down from Heaven, ruler of Hell. Only this version of the devil is the one reimagined by now-bestselling author Neil Gaiman in his seminal Sandman comic book series.

He looks like David Bowie…

sandman lucifer

…and ultimately he decides to give up lordship over Hell in order to open a nightclub in Los Angeles.

I haven’t been a comic book reader since high school and don’t have any interest in returning to the fold. However, if you have any remote interest in reading a comic book, I highly recommend the graphic novel A Season of Mists by Neil Gaiman which deals with Lucifer’s surrender of Hell. It’s one of the finest examples of the medium ever produced, and there’s no superhero anywhere to be seen. Thus, I’m fairly interested in how this show will develop.

Also in the show’s favor is the person in charge: Californication creator/executive producer Tom Kapinos. It should be deliciously fucked up.

In the complete opposite direction is Super Girl, featuring paragon of virtue Supergirl. Granted, modern comic book incarnations have given the character a little more edge, although that’s mostly come in the form of skimpy costumes.

supergirl new 52

I’ve already voiced my opinion of the character being a bad choice for TV adaptation (short version: it’s stale and derivative), but these problems can be overcome by the right creative team. Of the show’s two co-creators, Greg Beranti has done well with Arrow and Ali Adler did abysmally with No Ordinary Family. Can they work miracles with Supergirl? I’ll only believe it when I see it. CBS will demand much higher ratings than Arrow (or its upcoming companion The Flash) could ever dream, so based on the network alone I’d say this one is being set up for a no-win situation.

Two more comic books are likely to become TV shows in the near future. Comic book writer Ben Edlund wants to bring his creation The Tick back to live-action television, again with Patrick Warburton in the title role. The timing for a superhero spoof is much better now than the first go ‘round, but timing wasn’t the only issue there. I really wanted to like FOX’s The Tick, but it was just so unfunny. The other is Teen Titans, which has had a couple of reasonably popular cartoon versions. The Teen Titans are a collection of under-21 DC heroes led by Dick Grayson, i.e., the original Robin, who has graduated from being Batman’s sidekick. TNT is the likely network.

TV Show: Supergirl

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