Supergirl trying to make the leap to TV


I’ve still got a bit of a crush on Helen Slater for her role in the 1984 Supergirl flick, which is a (wonderfully) horribly awful low-budget spinoff of the Christopher Reeves movies. If they don’t offer her a role in the new Supergirl TV series under development by a co-creator of Arrow and The Flash, I’m gonna be pissed.


Yes, Supergirl is getting her own TV series. And while it’s nice to see a female superhero taking the lead of a new show, Supergirl is so incredibly derivative of her more famous cousin that it’s hard to imagine that she’ll have much mass appeal on her own. Plus, Supergirl shares Superman’s fundamental problem of being so overly powerful that villainous schemes have to be preposterously big to pose challenge.

Of course, the creators are going to be well aware of these problems. Scaling back her powers will help both the storylines and the special effects budget. And with a lesser known character like Supergirl, you can make those kinds of changes without annoying too much of the fan base.

But here’s the bigger problem… It’s almost impossible to imagine a world with a Supergirl that doesn’t also have a Superman, even if he’s never on screen. Maybe they’ll get Smallville’s Tom Welling to cameo in the pilot and help get her off the ground? (PUN!) But the moment you do that, you’re automatically demoting your own hero(ine) to the role of sidekick. Superman never has to return to the show again and she’ll still spend the entire series in his shadow.

The character of Supergirl is inherently sexist so long as she exists in the same world as Superman. Too bad DC Comics doesn’t have enough faith in any of its non-derivative female characters to give them a chance at their own series.

Oh, as for the possible show titles they’re floating? Super. And Girl. Ugh.

Watch the 1984 Supergirl trailer! With Faye Dunaway! Mia Farrow! Peter O’Toole! And the incomparable Helen Slater!

TV Show: Supergirl

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