Supergirl: Blue is the Hottest Color (S1 E15 RECAP)

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Previously on Supergirl: Cat Grant hired a new assistant named Siobhan, who wasn’t here to make friends, but rather to be the “next Cat Grant”. Alex killed Astra and Hank covered for her, which left Supergirl unsure if she could continue to work with Hank. Meanwhile, Non and the dearly departed Astra were planning something big called “Myriad”.


We open with a flashback to 13 years ago, with L’il Kara sleeping inside her pod as it floats through the Phantom Zone. She suddenly wakes up, and her pod emerges from the Phantom Zone, and it’s dragging all of Fort Rozz behind her, and this still doesn’t make much more sense than a similar flashback in the pilot episode. And then this flashback ends, and the whole point of this bit, which I doubt anyone would get upon an initial viewing, is that a triangular symbol blinks on the dashboard of Kara’s pod, and this is apparently what wakes her up.

Kara’s pod runs on the flux capacitor!

Kara’s pod runs on the flux capacitor!

In the present, Kara is woken up by her alarm clock, and Alex is at the door with a box of rather greasy-looking donuts, trying to bribe her into coming back to the DEO. But Kara has decided to strike out on her own and go solo, because she can’t work with Hank anymore.

“And if you don’t want to eat them, you can always use them to lubricate your squeaky door hinges!”

“And if you don’t want to eat them, you can always use them to lubricate your squeaky door hinges!”

At CatCo, there’s more of Siobhan being Siobhan, and blowing off Winn’s attempts to be friendly to her with, “Sorry, I have difficulty making conversation with men under six feet tall!”

Cat holds a meeting of her reporters, asking them to pitch article ideas, and Siobhan steps forward to show off a package that just came in the mail. Cat refuses to open it because “it could be anthrax”. So James opens it, and inside is a thumb drive, along with a cryptic letter about making “cheaters feel the pain”, and somehow everybody instantly knows that this is related to the recent hack of an Ashley Madison-like website, and the thumb drive must contain a dump of the hacked data.

“Someone remind me to cancel my subscription to the Haiku of the Month Club.”

“Someone remind me to cancel my subscription to the Haiku of the Month Club.”

Cat simply tells Siobhan to put the thumb drive in a microwave and “melt it”. Having been the victim of a similar hack in a previous episode, Cat has no interest in reporting on the contents of the drive and giving the hackers exactly what they want. However, on the way out, Siobhan looks deep in thought as she holds the drive.

And now we return to one of my least favorite locales on this show, the DEO sparring/training room, and this time, it’s Alex and Hank doing some hand-to-hand combat, which ends when he briefly morphs into J’onn J’onnz and she taps out. Alex says she misses her sister, and they really need Supergirl back, but Hank says the DEO existed before Supergirl, and they can go on without her.

Over at CatCo, every TV set turns to static and then shows the face of this week’s special guest star, Laura Vandervoort. She previously played Kara/Supergirl on Smallville, but absolutely nothing is made of this, and this role could have been played by any random guest actress of the week. She announces she’s the hacker who sent the thumb drive to Cat, and Cat talks back to the screen (why would she think there’s a two-way connection going on here?), calling her the “Peroxide Avenger”.

“Actually, this is the only way I can get on TV these days. I mean, did you see that awful V remake I was in?”

“Actually, this is the only way I can get on TV these days. I mean, did you see that awful V remake I was in?”

The hacker says that since CatCo didn’t report on the cheaters’ website hack, she’s decided that “all will suffer”. And the first step in her evil plan is to make all the traffic signals in the city turn green. The people at CatCo can only helplessly watch on National City traffic cam feeds as much T-boning happens. Kara runs out and changes to Supergirl, and using his signal watch, James directs her to an intersection where he somehow knows a semi is about to wipe out a family of four in a Prius (one of this show’s sponsors, which is surely just a coincidence).

Luckily for them, Supergirl specializes in saving families of four, so she shows up just in time to lift the Prius up and out of the way. Now buy a Prius!

Antigrav technology, now standard on the 2016 model.

Antigrav technology, now standard on the 2016 model.

Back from break, a huge cyber-attack is underway, and financial markets are plummeting, banks are getting hacked, and this could all lead to a “worldwide economic collapse”. Siobhan has a guilty look on her face, and I was sure this was all her fault because she plugged in the thumb drive or something, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Cat tells her reporters (plus Lucy Lane) to start tracking down the hacker, and she barks an order at Siobhan, who seems rattled for some reason, and Kara has to take over for her.


James is about to head out to investigate some leads, but Lucy figures out he’s going to meet up with Supergirl, and gets jealous that he wants to work this case with Supergirl instead of her. James says they’ll get together tonight for dinner to talk about this.

Cut to Kara’s apartment, where James and Kara are busy tracking down the hacker by… just sitting around as Winn furiously types away on multiple laptops. He thinks he’s found a way to locate the hacker, when she suddenly appears on his screen. She says they should meet in person, right now, and all of a sudden, blue crystals start shooting out of the laptop screen and coalesce to form… Mystique!

Well, okay, it’s not Mystique. It’s the hacker, except now her skin is blue, and she has bright red hair, and she’s wearing a blue skintight outfit, so the Mystique comparisons are kind of hard to avoid. And she also has a weird Freddy Krueger-like claw hand that doesn’t seem to serve any purpose.


Not-Mystique confronts Kara, and already knows she’s Supergirl. Kara says she recognizes the triangular symbol on Not-Mystique’s forehead, because it’s the same one she saw on the dashboard of her pod.

Not-Mystique claims to be some sort of “living internet” and attacks James and Winn. Before Supergirl can jump into action, Hank and Alex burst in with guns. Somehow, this scares Not-Mystique into transforming back into blue crystals and disappearing back into the computer screen from whence she came.

Alex and Hank say they figured out there was an alien signal controlling the traffic lights, and they followed it here, which confirms that the “hacker” is alien. You know, in case the blue skin left you with some doubts. Hank says the rest of their info about Not-Mystique is classified, and only available to “active DEO agents”, but Supergirl passes on the offer.

Then there’s a weird bit where a random guy is about to propose to his girlfriend, but then Not-Mystique comes out of a nearby tablet. She scares them away, and then Non suddenly appears, and dialogue suggests that the two have, let’s say, some history. Not-Mystique talks about once being “linked to the Great Coluan Cyber Construct”, but now, “I wander the same realm as Candy Crush!”

She says she’s calling herself “Indigo” now, and Non thinks this is much better than her previous name of “Braniac 8”. In the comics, Indigo/Braniac 8 is a future descendant of Braniac who travels back in time, but there’s no indication that this version has the same origins.

Indigo says she’s glad Astra is dead, and mocks the whole idea of “Myriad”. So Non grabs her by the throat and she says, “I forgot how much you enjoy a good choking!”

Is it my imagination, or is every episode of this show required to have at least one vaguely kinky moment?

Is it my imagination, or is every episode of this show required to have at least one vaguely kinky moment?

Most of their conversation is kept extremely vague, but Indigo says the idea of “living alongside the humans” is “ludicrous” (so… is that what Myriad is about?), and instead, she’s going to bring “hell” to Earth. She says, “See you after the apocalypse,” and disappears back into that tablet.

At CatCo, Siobhan is having trouble with a copier, and Winn comes along to help her out. She then blurts out that her dad once cheated on her mom. I think she found her dad’s name in the hacked data on the thumb drive, but that’s only a wild guess. Have I gotten dumber since last week? Because an episode of this show really shouldn’t be this difficult to understand.


Siobhan talks about how she actually caught her father with his “personal assistant” one time, and then she warns Winn she’ll kill him if he tells anyone. Not literally, of course. She’s not a supervillain. Yet.

Then Alex shows up at CatCo, but it turns out she’s not here to see Kara; she’s here to draft Winn into helping the DEO out with his mad programming skills. Despite Kara obviously having reservations about this, he happily goes off with Alex. Does this mean he’s quitting CatCo to work for the DEO? Is he going to freelance for them? I for one would love to work at CatCo; it appears to be the only office job where you can leave for several hours during the day to go work at some other job and no one bats an eye.

Kara confides in James, wondering how they can get info about this week’s evil alien without the help of Winn or the DEO. James has an idea.

Cut to stock Arctic scenery, as Supergirl flies James up to a mountain that turns out to be the Fortress of Solitude. Weirdly, it seems they’re dropping by the place without asking Superman’s permission or even telling him first.

Supergirl asks how they’ll get inside, and James shows her a golden key just outside the door. I think this is the first time any live-action DC adaptation has given us the “key only Superman can lift” method for getting into the Fortress. Albeit here, the key is much smaller than in the comics, and supposedly made of “condensed dwarf star” material. Also, with all the surviving Kryptonians running around Earth in this continuity, I’m guessing there are quite a few people who could lift this key and potentially break into the Fortress.

Geez, at least put in under the doormat or something.

Geez, at least put in under the doormat or something.

Supergirl unlocks the door and they enter, and inside it’s mostly like the Fortress as seen in the Christopher Reeve movies (and Smallville), though there are some hints of the Fortress from the comics, with giant ice sculptures of Jor-El and Lara holding up a globe of Krypton. There’s also a big Easter egg for DC fans when Supergirl walks past a ring engraved with the logo of the Legion of Super Heroes.

Fingers crossed for a Matter Eater Lad appearance later in the season!

Fingers crossed for a Matter Eater Lad appearance later in the season!

She touches a panel, and a hovering robot named Kelex appears, and she recognizes it as a type of servant robot they had back on Krypton (which also comes from the comics). Supergirl asks the robot if it knows anything about “an obnoxious blue alien species that works with computers”. Somehow, Kelex knows exactly what she’s talking about, and identifies the species as the Coluans, who come from the planet Colu (home of Braniac), and Coluans “served as supercomputers” on Krypton, whatever that means.

“Sorry, Jor-El’s not coming out for anything less than $1.4 million a minute, so how can I help you?”

“Sorry, Jor-El’s not coming out for anything less than $1.4 million a minute, so how can I help you?”

The robot also knows about Indigo, and says she was locked up in Fort Rozz when she tried to “terminate the entire planet’s population”.

The next day at CatCo, James is telling Lucy about everything they learned, but all Lucy cares about is that James stood her up for dinner last night because he was spending time with Supergirl.


She gets upset and storms off, and is soon found by Kara. Kara really talks up James, and goes on and on about how wonderful he is, and her point is basically that James can “be with whoever he wants, and he chose you!” Kara also brings up the story from a previous episode of how James got his first camera from his dad who died in the Gulf War, and it turns out Lucy has never heard this story before. In fact, James has never told her anything about his father.

A little later, Lucy has figured out why the hacker really went after that cheater website, and it’s because they wanted to target “General Jonathan Mathers”, who had an account on the website, and Indigo was really looking to “declassify his entire online footprint”, whatever the hell that means, so she could locate a “high ranking official” with “access to nuclear missile launch sites.” None of what anyone is saying here makes any sense, but we learn that Indigo is using General Mathers as a “Trojan horse” to get onto a military base.

Cut to “Fort Pemberton”, as Gen. Mathers enters a missile silo. He’s surprised to get a call on his cell phone in here, and Indigo suddenly emerges from his phone and starts fighting his soldiers. One soldier says she can’t kill all of them, because “you have to turn both keys at once!” Well, thanks, dude, for giving the enemy helpful hints on how to launch a nuclear missile.

Indigo knocks the soldier out, but it seems turning both keys at once is no issue for her, because she’s able to extend her arms like Mr. Fantastic. She turns the two keys together and that’s about all it takes to launch the missile.

Well, that’s quite a stretch.

Well, that’s quite a stretch.

Supergirl shows up and brawls with Indigo for a while, but then the missile blasts off and Supergirl goes chasing after it. It’s headed right for National City, and after a few failed attempts to stop the missile, she gets in touch with the DEO, and Supergirl and Hank have to work together to stop National City from getting nuked.

Hank gives her the codes to disable the missile, and it falls harmlessly into the ocean. Back at the army base, Indigo plans to launch more missiles. Supergirl shows up to fight her, and at the same time, Winn is working on a virus to defeat her, so Indigo reaches into a phone, and her hand comes out of a screen at the DEO, and now she’s strangling Winn remotely. It’s exactly as bizarre as it sounds.

I think this is just revenge for all the times Winn was chokin' it in front of his computer.

I think this is just revenge for all the times Winn was choking it in front of his computer.

As she’s choking him, Indigo declares, “I am invincible! I am a god!” And then we get the newest frontrunner for Worst Line of the Season when Winn replies, “No, you’re just a glorified Windows Vista!” A glorified… Windows Vista. And that’s meant as the big F-you line, because he pushes a button and uploads his virus, which causes Indigo to collapse.

A weakened Indigo reveals that she’s the one who activated Kara’s pod when she was passing through the Phantom Zone, and she’s the reason Kara landed on Earth. Which explains why Indigo’s triangular symbol appeared in Kara’s pod in the earlier flashback. Wow! What an incredible revelation that has no bearing on anything whatsoever. Indigo then screams as she dissolves into red crystals.


Also, should we be questioning why Indigo wanted to launch nukes in the first place? All we know is that she tried to do the same thing on Krypton. Is that really all the explanation we’re getting for her wanting to obliterate the human race?

Back at CatCo, Winn finds Siobhan by the elevator, and her confession about her father has inspired him to confess things about his own father, namely all that evil, violent Toyman stuff he did. He knows how it feels to be betrayed by a parent, and out of nowhere, Siobhan lunges at him and kisses him, and then pulls him into the elevator, saying she’ll kill him if he tells anybody about this.


I guess this is supposed to convince us that Winn is now suddenly attractive and desirable, and not at all creepy like every other episode would seem to indicate. Unfortunately, this show is about to play a cruel trick on poor Winn, because we already know Siobhan is destined to become the Silver Banshee. So that’s two people close to Winn becoming supervillains, which is quite a bit of bad luck.

In her office, Cat watches the news, where NASA has a cover story for the missile, but James admits that National City came extremely close to being annihilated today. Cat immediately leaves to go home and “hug my son”.

Later, James goes to see Lucy, who says it’s over between them. Due primarily to that inconsequential story about James’ dad and his camera, Lucy is now firmly convinced that James loves Kara, and Kara loves James, and she exits.

Supergirl then meets up with Hank and Alex, and notes that the world almost ended because “we weren’t a team”, and reluctantly rejoins the DEO. This inspires Alex to finally confess that she’s the one who killed Astra. She tearfully begs for forgiveness, and eventually Supergirl hugs Alex, and then reaches out to hold hands with Hank as well, in a scene that’s way more emotionally affecting than it has any right to be. Well played, show. The first 45 minutes of this episode made absolutely no sense, but this is a great scene.


Meanwhile, Non is in his evil lair, and he’s got a spinning ball in his hand that I’m 99.999% sure is based on the Omegahedron doodad featured prominently in the ‘80s Supergirl movie. He uses it to reassemble Indigo on his console, though her body is still in pieces. He asks the dismembered Indigo if she’s “ready to do things my way,” and she just blinks once for yes.


Well, this was kind of a mess of an episode. Whatever was going on with Siobhan and the thumb drive made no sense, and the makeout session with Winn felt like some desperate Hail Mary tacked on so that subplot would have a point (especially considering Siobhan seemed to be obsessed with/stalking James in the previous episode). And of course, Indigo’s plans to end the human race made no sense, but on this show, the villains seem to mostly be around to fill time between romantic spats and emotional speeches. And I really have no idea why they decided to get Vandervoort to play the role, other than her looking hot in blue makeup. And also creepy. And also hot.

But giving credit where credit is due, the scene of Supergirl chasing down the nuke was suitably suspenseful, and Alex and Kara and Hank hugging out their problems was probably the high point of the season so far, and almost makes up for that awful Windows Vista line.

In two weeks: Kara gets exposed to Red Kryptonite and turns evil. And the CBS press release about this episode mentions no less than three times that “the hosts of CBS Daytime’s The Talk guest star.” Now there’s a reason to set the DVR.

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