Supergirl: Are there whites on Mars?

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Previously on Supergirl: Hank Henshaw had a million reasons for not using his Martian Manhunter powers, but went and used them anyway. Winn finally revealed his unrequited love for Kara, who didn’t want things to change between them, but Winn wasn’t really feeling that. And Kara learned that Cat Grant has an adult son named Adam Foster who she hasn’t seen since he was a little kid.


We begin with Kara flying through the clouds and delivering a voiceover monologue, and a quick flashback reveals this is actually a letter she’s sent to an unseen person, saying she regrets “not being there for you” and wanting to “make things right between us”. Meanwhile in the present, Supergirl comes upon a forest fire, and a family trapped in a camper. As she lifts the camper up and out of danger, her voiceover letter ends with, “when all is said and done, there’s nothing more important than family. All my love, Mom.”

That’s right. Kara secretly has a child! Nah, just kidding. Though, could you imagine the reaction if this show revealed Kara got pregnant when she was 14 or something? Obviously, there’s more going on here, and I think they were trying to hook in viewers with a little bit of mystery, but it’s frankly more confusing than mysterious. Also, did we really need to see Supergirl save a family of four to understand there’s nothing more important than family?

Supergirl: Are there whites on Mars?

Good thing there wasn’t a single guy in this camper, she would have just let him burn.

Cut to Kara walking to work, with Alex beside her, because apparently CatCo is on the way to the DEO. Kara is talking about how bad she feels for hurting Winn’s feelings, and she misses her best friend, but Alex says she just needs to give him space, and time. Kara replies, “I hate space and time!” Yeah, I know, right? The very fabric of the universe is the worst.

Down at the Only Restaurant in National City, Kara asks for “Ms. Grant’s latte”, and she’s overheard by a hunky guy standing at the bar, who wants to know if Cat Grant is as horrible as her reputation suggests. Kara says that Cat is in fact “amazing” and a “badass”, and Random Hunky Guy says, “She’s very lucky to have you,” while quite obviously undressing her with his eyes.

Supergirl: Are there whites on Mars?

You might think he’s the one with x-ray vision.

He leaves and Alex clues her in that the guy was flirting with her, because Kara really is that oblivious. Also, the actor is Blake Jenner, previously seen on Glee, who happens to be Melissa Benoist’s husband in real life. So it’s pretty obvious he’s destined to become a love interest for Kara.

Supergirl: Are there whites on Mars?

Hooray for Hollywood nepotism! Well, at least it means a few episodes without Kara pining away for James.

Kara and Alex see a TV news report about “Senator Miranda Crane’s anti-alien rally” happening this afternoon, and Alex says, “DEO duty calls,” and takes off.

As Kara heads up to the office, she brushes past Winn, who’s giving her the cold shoulder. Though oddly, he’s also being somewhat friendly at the same time. So does this mean they’ll eventually go back to being friends and the character of Winn is salvageable after all? Only time, and space, will tell.


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