Supergirl: You might like her when she’s angry

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Previously on Supergirl: Maxwell Lord and National City don’t need Supergirl and the problems she brings with her, man. Cat Grant mentioned how much she despised her mother. Supergirl’s foster mom Helen Slater revealed that her foster dad Dean Cain died while working for Hank Henshaw and the DEO, and the Danvers sisters were determined to find out why.

Supergirl is flying along peacefully in the clouds. Suddenly, her super-hearing picks up… a road rage incident, and for some reason this is something that requires the attention of a superhero. We find two drivers getting into a ludicrous shouting match on the road where they’re actually slamming their cars into each other. And wouldn’t you know it? A whole crowd of grade school kids is crossing the street at that exact moment. Real subtle, show. Why not throw in a baby stroller or two, an old couple holding hands, and a group of nuns right behind them while you’re at it?

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Supergirl arrives just in time to stop both cars. But one driver is pissed off that Supergirl totaled his car, and takes a swing at her. So Supergirl grabs his hand and most likely breaks all his fingers in front of those kids. Naturally, the top story on the news that evening is “Supergirl scares young children at a local school!”

Supergirl: You might like her when she's angry

“Nooooo! That’s the hand I use for flipping people off!”

Over at the DEO, Henshaw sees this report and scolds Supergirl for not controlling her anger. He says that there are people out there who are scared of her cousin, not because of his “god-like” powers, but because of what he would do with them if he “lost his temper”. I’m sensing that there may be a whole “anger” motif to this episode. Let’s find out if I’m right!

Then Maxwell Lord is on the news again, using this incident as another opportunity to speak out against Supergirl. He says that people are worried about “police brutality”, but they really should put a “body camera” on Supergirl. Topical! Though, something tells me Max is the kind of guy who would say “All Lives Matter” as if it’s actually a meaningful or profound statement.

Over at what is apparently the only restaurant in National City, James finds out Lucy’s father is coming into town, which he’s obviously not too happy about. He then tells Kara about Lucy’s dad, who (just like Sam Lane in the comics) is an Army general, and he thinks of Superman as a “threat to national security”, so he looks down on James for being friends with him.

Then he says he’s invited Lucy to “game night” at Kara’s place. Without even asking Kara! Totally rude, but of course Kara the doormat has to pretend to be thrilled to have her over.

Meanwhile, Cat Grant is getting a visit from her mother, Katherine Grant, and as you’d expect, she’s even more haughty and overbearing than Cat. Katherine sees the blown-up Supergirl cover in her office, and it turns out she never read Cat’s story about Supergirl. Katherine finds a female hero interesting, but apparently feels safer with Superman. “Call me old-fashioned, but I still prefer male doctors!” And Katherine Grant is played by Joan Juliet Buck, a sometime actress and author whose claim to fame is being editor-in-chief of the French edition of Vogue back in the ‘90s. So really, who better to play Cat’s mother?

Supergirl: You might like her when she's angry

No, Justice Ginsburg, I can’t get ‘turnt up’ with you today, I’m still recovering from the last time.”

Kara arrives at work and runs into Alex, but she’s really here to see Winn. Alex wants Winn to hack into the “DEO mainframe” so they can find out what happened to her father. So I guess Winn is now this show’s obligatory all-purpose hacker guy, who’s capable of breaking into the highly classified computer systems of secret government agencies, and yet is still working as a low-level IT office drone.

Over at the DEO base camp, Alex and Supergirl and Henshaw meet General Lane, played by Glenn Morshower, a character actor best known as Secret Service Agent Pierce on 24. Without ever speaking directly to Supergirl, the General refers to her as “the lady in red” (huh?) and says he wants her transferred to his command.

Supergirl: You might like her when she's angry

“I can see her dancing with me (cheek to cheek).”

He says the Army has been developing an “anti-insurgent combat device” code-named “RT”, and they need her help to test it. And then Lucy Lane shows up in her military uniform, saying they have an “executive order” forcing Supergirl to comply. And in the previous episode, we learned Lucy was a military lawyer, and that apparently means she’s also her father’s “legal attachée”.

Supergirl: You might like her when she's angry

“I totally have a legitimate reason for being in this scene, it says so right here in the script!”

And what’s funny here is how Kara and Lucy have been acting like total besties in civilian life, but now that she’s Supergirl, all the resentment finally bubbles up to the surface, and suddenly Supergirl is champing at the bit to help General Lane. She asks what she has to do, and the General wants her to “Fight my robot.” Then the robot’s designer Dr. Morrow speaks up, saying it’s not a robot, but rather an “anthropomorphic pseudo-entity with combat abilities”.

He calls it the “Red Tornado”, and a giant crate opens up to reveal a rather unimpressive-looking android, totally red in color with glowing yellow eyes.

Supergirl: You might like her when she's angry

And he’s still in his original packaging!

The Red Tornado of course comes from the comics, where he’s an android created by a mad scientist named T.O. Morrow to fight the Justice League, but who later becomes a superhero in his own right. And as far as I can tell, this is the very first live-action adaptation of the character, though based on the costume design, maybe he should have stayed in the comics. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen better fan cosplay of the character than the cut-rate Age of Ultron Vision they’re giving us here.

Over in the secret abandoned CatCo office, Kara talks to James and Winn about how Lucy Lane’s dad wants her to fight a robot. James tells her she can always opt out, but Kara says, “I have to show her… him! That I can be a team player.” Winn thinks this means game night is canceled, but Kara insists game night is the “last shred of normalcy” in all of their lives and it can never be called off.

We get another encounter between Cat and her mother. Katherine has to cancel on their plans for tonight, because she just got word that “Toni Morrison is in town”, and is having people over for dinner, but Cat’s not invited. Katherine then twists the knife with, “What could you possibly have to talk about with two Nobel laureates, and Margaret Atwood?”

Cat is wounded, so she (really obviously) takes her anger out on Kara, making her stay late. Kara says she was hoping to make it to “office game night”, and Cat mocks her for doing this just to spend more time with James. “Everyone’s noticed how you throw yourself at him!” I sincerely doubt Cat would have noticed anything like that (she’s still hasn’t figured out Kara doesn’t pronounce her name “Kyra”), but whatever moves things along, I guess.

Kara makes it to game night anyway, and they’re playing some unnamed game where one person gives out clues, and the other person has to guess what they’re describing. And of course, Lucy and James are being a totally annoying couple by getting everything right, and on top of that, all of Lucy’s clues reference romantic trips they’ve taken/plan to take, which drives Kara up the wall.

Supergirl: You might like her when she's angry

“Haha, we totally kick ass at Guess The Random Thing Your Partner Is Describing!”

Now it’s Kara and Winn’s turn, and they suck at it. And to rub salt in the wound, one of the answers is “Superman”, and Winn dumbly blurts out, “Oh, this one’s easy, your cousin!” …even though Lucy doesn’t know Kara’s secret. Lucy is oblivious, however, and talks about how she met Supergirl today, and she “wasn’t that impressed”, which further bruises Kara’s ego.

So now Kara’s all angry, and as she goes to take on the Red Tornado, she tells Alex she’s “craving a good fight right now”. The fight begins as Red Tornado’s hands spin around, causing a vortex that takes Supergirl by surprise.

Supergirl: You might like her when she's angry

“Must – create – smokescreen – to – hide – ugly – costume!”

Soon enough, they get to the punching. She defeats the robot and the DEO people tell her the test is over and she won, but Supergirl continues angrily pounding on the robot and using her super-breath to freeze its arm and cause it to fall off. Finally, Red Tornado flies away, and Dr. Morrow comes out to say she must have triggered the robot’s “emergency self-preservation function”. And now it’s gone into “stealth mode” and there’s no way they can find it.

General Lane yells at Supergirl for unleashing “an uncontrollable killing machine” on National City. Yeah, because that was completely her fault. She should have anticipated that punching a robot really hard would cause it to suddenly become self-aware.

Read the rest of this recap, featuring a mean tornado, Supergirl’s “O” face, and the most shocking paper cut ever!

And then join me here at the Agony Booth next week, when Supergirl loses her powers just in time for a major earthquake to hit National City. Yes, for once, she’ll be dealing with a problem she can’t punch in the face. Exciting!

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  • Greenhornet

    Dear God, this show seems all kinds of messed up! It’s sounds like a rehash of “Birds Of Prey” which I refused to watch because every description of the episodes made the women seem like psychological basket cases. I don’t mind the characters having personal problems and social dilemmas now and then, but please DON’T make that the basis for every episode. This one seems like it’s trying to hit every “current” social issue before it’s canceled.

    To quote Christina Larson:

    1. Do fight demons. Don’t fight only inner demons.
    2. Do play well with others. Don’t shun human society.
    3. Do exhibit self-control. Don’t exhibit mental disorders.
    4. Do wear trendy clothes. Don’t wear fetish clothes.
    5. Do embrace girl power. Don’t cling to man hatred.
    6. Do help hapless men. Don’t try to kill your boyfriend.
    7 Do toss off witty remarks. Don’t look perpetually sullen.

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      Well maybe you should’ve watched the episodes, instead of just listening to the description.

      • mamba

        Based on what the Graphic Novel Picture Show’s, Sokir, has to say about the series, I’m thinking best to avoid it altogether. It had it’s own league of problems!

        • CaptainCalvinCat

          Naah, not entirely true. Personally I found it to be very entertaining.

          • Greenhornet

            Just a FEW of the problems, no matter how “entertaining” they may be:

            The women have “mommy issues”.
            The government representatives don’t do logical things like ASK Supergirl to test their robot. “And then Lucy Lane shows up in her military uniform, saying they have an “executive order” forcing Supergirl to comply.”
            They play up the conspiracy cliché.
            They get into pissing contests.
            Supergirl is jealous of Lucy because she’s dating Jimmie. Why? Who cares?
            Alex is supposed to help Kara train, but doesn’t tell her anything. Like bringing her into a kryptonite room and beating the S**T out of her while saying useless stuff.

            Honestly, put the whole cast on the “Dumbasses in Distress” list.

            “And then join me here at the Agony Booth next week, when Supergirl loses her powers just in time for a major earthquake to hit National City.”

            I believe I said something about Kara getting RADIATION POISONING from all the kryptonite the DEO keeps hitting her with.

          • Greenhornet

            One more thing:
            The women are constantly whining about it being “a man’s world” and how “white male privilege” (Maybe not in those exact words) is keeping them down.

  • maarvarq

    General Lane yells at Supergirl for unleashing “an uncontrollable killing machine” on National City.

    To paraphrase a comment on this episode from the Birth Movies Death site, “You’re the ones who made an uncontrollable killing machine which you can’t control recall.”

  • Wizkamridr

    Supergirl has always acted immature. That’s why superman is her mentor. To be a good example and train her.

    • The_Stig

      I actually think that an excellent twist would be for James to choose Lucy over Kara, and it not only breaks Kara’s heart but it makes her legit angry. And then she spends most of the episode being angry until at the end, while she’s sitting on a rooftop fuming while some crappy girl power rock ballad is playing….and then a bright glowing red ring flies up to her, fits itself onto her finger and a voice says.

      “Kara Zor-El. You have great rage in your heart. You belong to the Red Lantern Corps.”

      It might be stupid, but at least it would be INTERESTING.

      • Greenhornet

        I’m smiling here.
        Look up
        batgirl and red lantern Supergirl comic by mikemaihack-d74tqmf
        IF YOU DARE!
        That’s odd, the spellcheck capitalized “Supergirl” but not “Batgirl”