Supergirl: The big Non-finale

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Previously on Supergirl: All of the evil Fort Rozz aliens have crash-landed on Earth and they all have superpowers, and one of them just so happens to be Supergirl’s Aunt Astra, the identical twin of her mother Alura. Hank Henshaw revealed that he was secretly J’onn J’onnz, the Martian Manhunter, but the true bombshell happened when Kara and James… shared a tender hug.


Welcome to what the network billed as the “winter finale” of Supergirl! We pick up right where we left off at the end of the previous episode, with Astra confronting Supergirl on the roof of a building. Supergirl fights her and her two bodyguards, until Astra pulls out the Kryptonite knife that Henshaw stabbed her with back in episode two, which weakens Supergirl. What’s more, Astra and crew now have special devices on their bodysuits that make them invulnerable to Kryptonite. Yes, it’s just that easy.

Supergirl: The big Non-finale

Wow, Kryptonite has been a thorn in Superman’s side for 75 years and all he had to do was pin some glow-sticks to his chest!

Astra, however, is trying to strike a conciliatory tone, saying it’s time for her and Kara to be a “family” again, and wanting Kara to join her. Kara refuses, mentioning that she knows Astra was locked up in Fort Rozz for “blowing up government buildings” back on Krypton. She then escapes by throwing herself off the roof and crashing to the ground and tunneling under the pavement.

At DEO base camp, Supergirl is telling Alex and Henshaw about Astra and her new Kryptonite-proof suit. Henshaw thinks this could be the beginning of a “city-wide attack”. Supergirl wants to head out and track her down, but Alex wants her to rest, and firmly tells her that Henshaw can handle it. It would seem Alex is totally on Hank’s side now due to his confession in the previous episode, and she later assures Kara that they were “wrong” about him, but refuses to elaborate. Oh, right, it’s because Supergirl can’t know that he’s the Martian Manhunter yet for some dumb reason.

Kara goes to work the next day and learns there’s been a cyber-attack on CatCo, and all of Cat Grant’s emails have been leaked, and now her personal info is being reported on by the media. Yep, just like the Sony hack. It’s a plot ripped from the headlines!

CatCo wants to get out ahead of this, so she orders Kara to go through all her emails, looking for damaging information. When Kara balks at the enormity of this task, Cat says she can bring in James Olsen to help out, along with Winn, who she only knows as “that handsome little hobbit who owns more cardigans than you do!” Yeah, that about sums up Winn.

Up in the vacant office that serves as the Supergirl-cave, Kara and James are going through printouts of Cat’s emails, while Winn tries to trace the hack. Winn leaves and James notes he’s been acting weird ever since he saw them hug. But why would he, because it was just a friendly hug, right? Kara says, “We are friends, who hug. Nothing more,” and they basically repeat that to each other over and over, but no one’s buying it, least of all them.

General Astra is over in her villain lair, a dark, featureless room with a glowing desk in the center. One of her cronies appears, dressed in a Kryptonian bodysuit, and expresses disappointment that she didn’t kill Kara, and accuses her of being weak. Astra calls him “lieutenant” and reminds him that she’s his general.

Supergirl: The big Non-finale

“So, uh, why’d you want me to meet you here on the set of The Daily Show?”

And then things take a strange turn, as it starts to sound like Astra’s plans for world domination are more about actually saving the Earth, and she can’t allow “another world to end when I could save it!” Finally, it comes out that the guy’s name in Non, and he’s Alura’s husband. Is this supposed to be the same “Non” who was one of the three Kryptonian villains of Superman II? Because I can totally see it.

Supergirl: The big Non-finale

They could be twins!

Back from break, Supergirl and Alex are sparring again in that room in the DEO with the low-level Kryptonite emitters that take away Supergirl’s powers. I guess Supergirl’s gotten better since the last time, because the fight is evenly matched, and there’s even a moment where Supergirl climbs up on Alex’s shoulders and flings her around with her crotch. I even had to make a GIF out of it to prove I’m not exaggerating.

Supergirl: The big Non-finale

Is this what that sorority girl c**t-punt email was talking about?

Alex is down for the count, but Supergirl hesitates before dealing the finishing blow. Alex says she can’t pull her punches just because she’s fighting a family member. You see, some part of Supergirl must still feel like Astra is family, but she has to be prepared to kill her, if it comes to that. Alex wonders what she remembers about Astra, and that takes us to another flashback featuring L’il Kara on Krypton, with lens-flares aplenty. She’s got a glowing device that summons her Aunt Astra, who has a similar device which she refers to it as a “spy beacon”.

Supergirl: The big Non-finale

Wonder Aunt and Niece power, activate!

They chit-chat for a while, and then Astra tells Kara that Krypton is doomed, because they’ve been harnessing the planet’s core for power, causing it to become unstable. Just then, Alura interrupts them and tells Kara to leave, and the flashback ends there. So, why is it that Astra still looks the same age, when Kara has obviously aged about 10-12 years? I guess Kryptonian don’t crack.

Back at CatCo, James is finding embarrassing info about Cat in her emails, which includes how she once auditioned for Undercover Boss—right here on CBS! Cat says she only did it because “Anderson Cooper dared me to!”

Now that we’ve gotten our weekly dose of pop culture references out of the way, Cat meets with the board of CatCo, and they’re all very displeased about the hack. However, there is one supportive voice: the chairman of the board, Dirk Armstrong, played by the same guy who plays the boss on Black-ish. So I guess he’s carving out quite the career in playing narcissistic corporate blowhards.

As the board members leave, Cat tells Kara that she sees right through Dirk, because he’s as “two-faced as they come”. This inspires Kara to use her super-hearing to eavesdrop on him as he heads down in the elevator, and she learns that Dirk is the one who engineered the hack, as a way of pushing Cat Grant out as CEO and taking over the company himself.

Supergirl: The big Non-finale

“I can’t even wait for the elevator doors to close to tell you my evil plan that you already know everything about!”

Kara immediately shares this news with James and Winn, who for some reason are terribly confused about how she “overheard” him. I guess to reinforce that she used her super-hearing to do it? She says they need more proof, and for some reason, Lucy Lane can help them out, due to her “legal” background… and stuff. Any excuse to bring Jenna Dewan Tatum in for another episode, I guess.

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