Supergirl: Never toy with a Nice Guy’s emotions

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Previously on Supergirl: In the wake of an attack on Lord Technologies, Max Lord was planning a “countermove” against the Kryptonians, and when James Olsen came around to investigate, he got tied up and beaten for his trouble. There was much sexual tension between Alex and Max, while James figured out that Winn has feelings for Kara. And once again, this show’s version of Hank Henshaw is actually the Martian shape-shifter known as J’onn J’onnz.


To kick things off, we get the most bog-standard villain prison escape scenario in recent memory. First, we meet two guards who are on edge about bringing breakfast to one particular prisoner. Supposedly this guy gives them “nightmares”, but we’ll meet him in a minute, and Hannibal Lecter he is not. One guard goes to bring him his breakfast (while the other one stays behind, for no reason whatsoever) and the prisoner in question turns out to have a giant doll in his cell that talks, and it says creepy stuff like “I love you, do you love me?” Yep, this is totally something they would allow an inmate to have in a maximum security prison.

Oh, but wouldn’t you know it? The guard sees the prisoner lying unconscious on the floor of his cell, and not realizing this is in fact the oldest trick in the book, he immediately unlocks the door and walks into investigate. Alone. Without even calling the other guard for backup. Yadda yadda yadda, the prisoner immediately comes alive and attacks the guard with a very Phantasm-inspired yo-yo with razor-sharp blades. The prisoner then puts on the guard’s uniform, and kills a couple more guards with his yo-yo on the way out.

Supergirl: Never toy with a Nice Guy's emotions

The Gillette Fusion Yo-yo, now with an unprecedented fifth blade!

And between the creepy doll and the killer yo-yo, it should be clear to all that this prisoner is actually Superman arch-nemesis Toyman. He’s appeared numerous times on the DC shows, both in live-action and animated form, and let me tell you, the interpretation of the character we’re about to see is going to make you wistful for that time he was played by Sherman Hemsley.

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And then see you here at the Agony Booth for next week’s episode, where J’onn J’onnz has to deal with an attack by evil White Martians—no really, that’s what they’re called in the comics. That’s right, next week, it’s #MartiansSoWhite.

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