VIDEO: The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 “Kootie Pie Rocks” feat. Milli Vanilli

To celebrate Thanksgiving, as well as the release of the new Super Mario Bros. game, Mendo recalls the moment where a vestigial offshoot of a beloved kids’ TV classic collided with the soon-to-be most controversial pop act in history!

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  • MichaelANovelli

    More tales from my misspent youth!

  • The_Stig

    Yeah, this was a weird episode in hindsight. Even by this show’s standards.

    Oh, and Milli Vanilli.

    • MichaelANovelli

      The other episode that aired with this was no prize either, as I recall…

  • Muthsarah

    Who didn’t learn their names? That first one is Larry.

    • MichaelANovelli

      On the show, they had different names for some reason…

  • TBTabby

    This episode had so many laughs…and not a single one of them was intentional.

    • MichaelANovelli

      Especially on DVD. “Blame it on the Koopa,” is just a non-sequitur without the original music…

  • MichaelANovelli

    Awww, man, the actor who played Luigi has passed away:

    • danbreunig

      Such…timing. That just after a Mario review. :/

      • MichaelANovelli

        I should review the SMBSS, just to honor him and Captain Lou…