VIDEO: Super Mario 3D World

The Suspect reviews Super Mario 3D World, Nintendo’s sequel to Super Mario 3D Land.

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  • Jason Withrow

    I’m also a little tired of the lack of motivation in these “classic-style” Mario games. Heck, even Super Mario World gave me the impression of progression by having you move through the world map, it felt like I was going through a series of places rather than a series of game challenges – even Mario 3 and Yoshi’s Island don’t have those advantages, as much as I like them. That extends to the interior of stages as well – traditional 3D Mario games feel like places and 3D Land feel like stages, and I really prefer the former, even if the latter is selling like hotcakes for Nintendo. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even care to pick up these games any more. It’s just another set of stages.

    There actually is a way they could do precision jumps better: a 3D display. Nintendo went on and on about how a 3D display helps your depth perception during the promo for 3D Land, and they were right (at least for me, I know that’s not true for all)… but since 3D displays seem to have failed, they’ll never be right again. Unfortunately, this reveals the problem of the “kind of isometric” camera you mentioned, and the stage design on top of that: they’re both borrowed from 3D Land, and designed to work in a 3D display, and it’s just not going to work on a 2D display. I haven’t played 3D World but I’m sure you’re right when you said Nintendo’s done all they could, but they also introduced the problem to begin with by not going with a classic 3D Mario design and camera, so I’m also not all that sympathetic. The fireball never worked in 3D, though.

    Just have to say that train made of gold looks fantastic.

  • Da Mischi

    Yes… okay… I’m going to buy the Wii U, already!
    But for a Nintendo Console it really took me a long time. I started out in 1995 with a late SNES (because of DKC 3) and got my N64 just with the release of Mario Kart 64. Gamecube was a Day 1 purchase, and I waited about 2-3 days for my Wii. So why no Wii U?

    Well, I am pretty used to starving for games in the early lifespan of a console. Usually Nintendo got something for the appetite out as a launch title, but also announcing something huge:
    N64: well pretty hard to beat the launch titles, such as Mario 64 and Mario Kart afterwards. But Rare announced nice looking games and there was the tease of a 3d Zelda.
    Gamecube: Roque Leader (esp. the Battle of Endor) was absolutely georgious. Then Smash Brothers (didn’t care much at N64 times. But now…), Super Mario Sunshine (well… turned out not that great, in the end) and a new Zelda, of course. I also got to play my first Metroid games, which brought me to play the old ones, which I am playing now at least once a year (Super Metroid and the first… I love these titles).
    BTW, loving Zelda (especially Majoras Mask) also brought me back to play Link to the Past and the first Zelda… well… I didn’t enjoy them that much… in fact, I never finished any of these… I really had to reconsider: After 20 years of playing Nintendo… am I really a Nintendo fan?
    Maybe not. What I liked about my N64 Zeldas: Exploration… going from Hyrule Fields up to Death Mountain.
    What I didn’t like too much: Dungeons. Do you know where the focus is in Skyward sword? Now it is all a dungeon. And a link between the worlds… well it is a top down zelda, again (like Phantom hourglas or Spirit tracks). They all seem to please every REAL Zelda fan.. but not me.
    Now we have the New Mario Games. Back to the old formula. My Girlfriend loves it, because she couldn’t deal with 3d too much… But then there was also Mario Galaxy, imo the REAL new Mario games. The other ones are justifiable releases, but nothing but for a quick bite. Where is the new revolution in Mario games? The next level? It certainly isn’t Super Mario 3d World.
    Okay, I could go on all day.. but that concludes my novellike comment. Mr. Unusual Suspect, I really like your reviews (on this site my favourite) because they are funny, insightfull and I like your dialect (where is that from?). I am getting a Wii U, now.. though I am not sure what for, since all my favourite Nintendo franchises have left me unsatisfied in the recent past.