Super Friends! “The Mysterious Moles” (part 8 of 8)

Underground, the kids are hiding in a cave blocked by a huge boulder. Meanwhile, the heroes are still backing up. Marvin gets the boulder to move, and Wonder Woman tosses it into the other rocks, scattering them like bowling pins. So much for not harming them, I guess.

I should note that we’re almost five minutes from the end of the episode and the superhero with second billing finally did something useful. Just saying.

Super Friends! "The Mysterious Moles" (part 8 of 8)

Minnie orders the trees and rocks to attack. Batman leaps onto a rock as it rolls towards him, and gets it to reverse course and smash into some other rocks by running on top of it like a log.

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Screw physics, I guess.

Wonder Woman snags a tree with her lasso as it chases Aquaman around. Damn, from hero to zero in less than five minutes. Yep, he’s useless alright!

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Ah, there’s the Aquaman we know and love!

Robin gets a rock to crash into a tree by using his cape like a matador. Meanwhile, Aquaman is still being schooled by trees, though he does manage to tie the leaves of one together. This doesn’t last long, and he’s chased into the water.

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Aquaman notices Wonder Woman actually doing well for herself (though Ted calls it a “predicament”), and so he gets the sea beastie from earlier to help out by grabbing the trees. By the way, he still moves his mouth while using his telepathic powers. Just saying.

The beastie shoves the trees away with his tentacles, and for some reason, Wonder Woman thanks Aquaman for the help. Yeah, I think she was just being nice, because afterwards you know she just glared at him and told him exactly how useless he really is.

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“Thanks a lot, shithead! You ruined my aim! God, you suck!”

Minnie and Max realize they’re losing and decide to retreat. They go to the rear of the drill, which has a second control room, and take the drill back through the cave wall. Wendy notices this, and Marvin yells to the heroes that the bad guys are escaping.

Aquaman says, “Didn’t anticipate that!” and Robin also expresses shock… which doesn’t speak well for either of them. Suddenly, the drill reappears, with Superman pushing it back. So yes, after pretty much sitting around with his thumb up his ass all day, Superman shows up as soon as the danger has passed, to finally nab the bad guys.

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“Okay everyone, I’m here to save the day! Hey, why are you all flipping me off?”

He lifts the drill up and orders the Moles to surrender. Not being as dumb as they look, they do.

Later, Superman has the trees put the air conditioners and generator in the drill. You know, because why have the guy with super strength do it all, huh? Dude’s been working hard for five whole minutes, after all!

Max tries to tell Batman they only wanted to help the trees and rocks by cooling them down a bit, and they intended to pay back the owners of the units in diamonds. Wonder Woman scolds them with the lesson for the day, which amounts to “Don’t take things without paying for them first.”

We also learn that Max wanted to tell the world about Molesville, but Minnie wouldn’t let him, because she was afraid greedy people would come and steal the diamonds. Okay, maybe they are as dumb as they look.

The decision is made to seal off Molesville from the outside world, but it also turns out that the heat is increasing to the point where the city is in danger of dying out. Superman says he’ll take care of this, along with the “sealing the city off” deal, and they all leave Molesville.

Superman’s solution to the heat problem is quite dumb. He flies to Antarctica (as in, the South Pole) and makes a pipeline connected to Molesville. Yes, he just made an air conditioner that sends cool air up through a hole aimed down, and in the process, more than likely drastically altered the planet’s internal structure.

Getting too deep into the science of this show is dangerous, folks. Trust me on this.

Super Friends! "The Mysterious Moles" (part 8 of 8)

Superman seals up the hole leading to Molesville, and comes out to find an invitation to a picnic. Being a dick, he plays a prank on Marvin and Wendy involving the rotating house, and him spinning it around before flying off with it.

Super Friends! "The Mysterious Moles" (part 8 of 8)

After remarking “I’ve done more digging than I’ve done in my entire life!” to say nothing of sitting on his ass, Superman flies off and the episode ends.

After a plug for the next episode from Robin, we get the end titles. And I have to say, when your show runs 45 minutes without commercials, the lesson at the end should be something better than “Don’t steal”.

All in all, this is a pretty lame episode, and a perfect example of the first season of the show. Characters change shape (especially Superman and Wonder Woman), the plot meanders and repeats itself, and what little action there is comes off as innocuous to the point of being boring.

To sum up, if I do another episode of this series, it’ll have the Legion of Doom in it. I’m not sure I can take more Marvin and Wendy.

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