Super Friends! “The Mysterious Moles” (part 7 of 8)

Batman goes off to help Aquaman out, because when you’re only useful in the water, it’s good to have backup.

Underwater, Aquaman encounters the beastie, which looks like a giant fish that someone stuck tentacles on. What, you were expecting something impressive?

Super Friends! "The Mysterious Moles" (part 7 of 8)

Aquaman says to himself, “By the beard of Poseidon, what’s that?” He quickly grabs a tentacle and swims really fast in the opposite direction. He’s yanked back quickly, while up top, the other three heroes try to get the second tentacle off the tree.

Robin marvels at the strength of the beast, while underwater, Aquaman gets the other tentacle stuck between some rocks. Hoping out loud that the beast will take a shot at him with the second tentacle to free itself, he gets his wish, as the beast does let the tree go in order to deal with the new problem.

Super Friends! "The Mysterious Moles" (part 7 of 8)

Aquaman grabs the second tentacle and ties it to the rocks with the other one, twisting them into a giant knot. Making this slightly less cool is the line that comes during this.

Aquaman: They say you can’t put a camel through a needle’s eye. Thank goodness this isn’t a camel.

Is this what happens when you have water on the brain? If so, I pray I never get it.

This being a ‘70s kiddie program, Aquaman decides to “have a little rap session” with the beast, which entails scolding it telepathically (though his mouth is moving during this). The monster blubbers, and Aquaman translates by way of repeating its words right back. Apparently, the beast was just having a little fun, which is more than I can say for me during the first half hour of this thing.

Aquaman makes the beast promise not to do it again. He swims off as we go to our last break. Wow, I think we just saw the first time Aquaman has ever been useful on this show.

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Multi-Part Article: Super Friends! "The Mysterious Moles"

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