Super Friends! “The Mysterious Moles” (part 3 of 8)

By sheer coincidence, the government lab is in Cave County, and the Dynamic Duo goes off to investigate. Batman refers to Robin as “Teen Wonder” for some reason, and we cut to Cave County as our Trio of Tedium returns, once again riding their bikes. And given the probable budget of the show, I’d guess it’s the same shot from the opening.

Omniscient Ted reports that they’re heading for “another weird experience”, which given these two, could be something as innocuous as a light breeze or a falling leaf. They pass a building shaped like the house from before, but now it’s either a gas station or a truck stop. Either way, our dunces are now very confused (well, more so than usual), and they move on, babbling as they approach a sign advertising the “Fairyland Caves”.

They double back and end up back at the garage, and continue to debate their exact location. Wonder Dog starts to freak out, and they look down to see the map Marvin drew in the dirt earlier. Now utterly confused, they walk up to the garage to get help. As they get to the door, we see the name of the establishment is “Min & Max Trucking Co., Inc.”

Super Friends! "The Mysterious Moles" (part 3 of 8)

Marvin knocks on the door, and Wonder Dog echoes my feelings right now by yawning. In doing so, he inadvertently pushes open the door and falls through. They enter, and apparently the lights aren’t working. Marvin produces a flashlight (which really comes in handy in the middle of the day, I find) and suddenly, Ted’s voice barges in to reveal that the house can rotate. It seems the light switch that Marvin pressed is really the switch to activate the rotating mechanism. And sure enough, the house spins around, revealing the garage side and house side are both facades.

There’s no explanation for how Wendy and Marvin can’t tell the goddamn house is moving, but given the level of intelligence on display thus far, I’m sure it would take forever for them to notice anyhow.

Caption contributed by Ed

I think the folks at Extreme Makeover: Home Edition have finally gone around the bend.

They find the stolen air conditioners (but I’m not shocked that they don’t know what they are), and after what seems like forever and a year of them expositing on how weird the situation is, they go off in search of the tracks they found.

So, at this point, the villain’s plot involves stealing air conditioners for… something. Given that we’re less than ten minutes in, I think it’ll be a long time before we find out what those plans are.

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Multi-Part Article: Super Friends! "The Mysterious Moles"

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