Super Friends! “The Giants of Doom” (part 3 of 5)

That little job taken care of, Supes goes to take on the baddies. They fly away, only to be stopped dead in their tracks when Superman flies right in front of them. Yep, just like if they were running on earth, which I’m sure happens at some point. It’s a given with this frigging show.

Super Friends! "The Giants of Doom" (part 3 of 5)

Well, at least we should get a good fight out of this.

Sinestro goes after Superman with his power ring, but Superman punches the blast from the ring back at the bad guys, trapping them in a yellow force field.

Caption contributed by Ed

Then again, maybe not.

With that, Superman flies the bad guys back to earth, as Batman and Robin follow.

Back at home base, Sinestro and Bizarro are confined to a cage consisting of energy beams. Naturally, this cage is right in the middle of the control room, because as we all know, only bad guys have dungeons to put prisoners in.

Super Friends! "The Giants of Doom" (part 3 of 5)

Superman is amazingly smug about the situation, but Sinestro points out there are eleven other Legion of Doom members out there. Though, given the two toughest have already been captured with relative ease, I’d say that’s not that much to worry about.

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Ed Harris

A fan of less than great cinema since childhood, Ed divides his time between writing scripts, working an actual paying job and subjecting himself willingly to some of the worst films society has produced.

Multi-Part Article: Super Friends! "The Giants of Doom"

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