VIDEO: Stop freaking out about Suicide Squad

People are freaking out about the Suicide Squad movie and Jared Leto’s Joker, and as usual, Sybil has all the answers.

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  • rpdavies

    There have been mixed feelings among my cosplaying friends.

    • Wizkamridr

      The entire cast look like a bunch of cosplayers.

  • I agree. With all of this.

  • CAFR

    I adored this video.

  • JamSanJose

    I don’t know a lot about DC, I’m a Marvel guy, but Suicide Squad looks rad. I’m looking forward to it more than Batman vs. Superman.

  • Thomas Stockel

    Great video. Speaking as a man who grew up with sixties Batman, ’89 Batman, Paul Dini animated Batman and the Nolanverse Batman, I have no problem seeing different iterations of iconic characters. Me? I loved the new Joker’s look and I was bummed to learn that he wasn’t going to look like that.

  • Alexa

    While I love ya Sybil but I fucking hated the animated Assault on Arkham movie. It was boring, super self-conscious of itself, and just plain mean spirited and lame. At this point I am just weary of DC being so embarrassed of its property that it has to “improve” itself, and to this in the form of making things way more mature and what not. And in general I was a little taken aback by Joker’s appearance and would have been fine with it overall (except that beyond stupid damaged tat on his forehead). And its not like I fear change, but I fear unnecessary change. I guess I just have a whole if it ain’t broken don’t try to fix it view on things, and most things in DC before Flashpoint really worked, but for some reason they thought it was broken and that lead to so many characters becoming incredibly lame and uninteresting (most especially Wonder Woman and it fucking sucks that the film version of her is going with the New 52 version, which is IMO probably the absolute worst version of her). So for sure I can’t judge the quality of the Suicide Squad film so soon before its even out, and there are somethings that look interesting (excluding Harley who they might just get sort of right but it seems they’re infantilizing and oversexualizing her) but as a whole color me underwhelmed…

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      To me, the “Assault on Arkham” was a good, decent flick – but they dropped the ball with the “let’s kill everybody from the Suicide Squad besides Deadshot, Harley and the Joker” angel. No – just… no. What would’ve been wrong with them faking their death and then live somewhere in hiding?

      I don’t fear change either – it just bears the question, if the change is needed.
      As I always say: To me, the whole “grim, gritty, quasi-realism” in comic-book-movies or (heck) even the James Bond films isn’t needed. People might disagree with me, but when I watched the end-credit-sequence “Batman Begins” or “Casino Royale” I sighed, turned DVD-Player and TV-Set of, shook my head and thought “That was it? That’s the new route, they want to take? They want to explain to us, why Bruce became Batman? Do we need to know that? Isn’t that more or less common knowledge? Do they really need to make Bond more an asshole? Sure, he’s an asshole in the books, too – which makes me wonder, why people would read the books, like that Bond character and would want to see him on the big screen.”

      • Jonathan Campbell

        I like to think Craig Bond isn’t racist, sexist, homophobic, or feeling happy that Jamaica has failed to do well for itself after the British Empire collapsed.

  • Solkir

    Well. Looks Like I was wrong. Those tattoos are totally real. WOOOOO!

    • Skylar Zenas Mullins

      looks a heck of a lot like kefka. or possibly like the lead singer from eurythmics.

  • Skylar Zenas Mullins

    oh I can make judgement calls this early. this is DC we’re talking about here, their almost fetishistic obsession with grim-dark-gritty and washed out colors couldn’t be a more toxic mixture if someone dumped a truck load of chlorine gas in with the lot.