You Must Hear This Studs Terkel Interview With Bob Dylan From 1963

We just can’t even with this long-lost hour-long interview of a 21-year-old Bob Dylan conducted by none other than Studs Terkel. It’s one of those things that will make you feel so grateful that you live in the Internet era, where something this precious can just pop into your consciousness one day.

Dangerous Minds, a blog that you should read every day for its astonishing ability to find things like this in tiny corners of the online ether, unearthed this 1963 interview which appeared on Chicago’s WFMT radio station. Dylan only had one record out at this time, but had recorded the songs for record number two,The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan.

As time has gone on, Dylan’s become legendary for his impenetrable and sometimes cantankerous interviews on the semi-rare occasions he decides to give them. Here, he’s already developed his signature refusal to answer something outright, but Terkel is equal parts persistent and gentle.

Terkel is a veteran interviewer, one of the best ever, and he seems genuinely impressed with the young man who was just 21 at the time and had but one record of mainly covers under his belt. Terkel does a good job of keeping things on track as he expertly gets out of the way and listens while gleaning what he can from his subject. It’s an interesting match-up.

Dylan also plays six songs for Terkel, several of which hadn’t yet been released.

1) Farewell
2) A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall
3) Bob Dylan’s Dream
4) Boots of Spanish Leather
5) John Brown
6) Blowin’ In The Wind

Really, this is well worth an hour of your day.

[Dangerous Minds]

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