VIDEO: Street Fighter II: Top 9 Things You Never Knew

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If you were a ’90s kid, you probably spent half your allowance pumping quarters into Street Fighter II down at the local 7-11. Maybe you mastered it. Maybe you think you know all there is to know about the world of Street Fighter. Well, Johnny Oldschool is about to take you back to the fighting game that started it all, and teach you 9 things you never knew about Street Fighter II

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  • Thomas Stockel

    I honestly did not know those nine things.

    Then again, I almost never played Street Fighter II.  I chose to waste my money on comic books. 🙂

    Still, a fun review.

    • John Sco

      I’m glad you enjoyed it man. I sure had a fun time making it. I could do a whole other top 9 about Street Fighter 2, I just tried to pick some of the more interesting facts I knew. Man, I have played this game way too much.

  • Mike

    Well knew Gorbachev, the boss names, and the fireball hands.. the others not so much!
    Hope you can do these for other games! 

    • John Sco

      Actually I’ve already done another one for Super Mario that I have up on my site. Since you guys seemed to like this one, I may as well post that up here too.

      I’m actually pretty surprised at how popular this top 9 thing has been. I did the Street Fighter one as just a filler between my reviews, and somehow it has gotten as many hits as reviews I spend months on. I have a crap ton of stupid video game knowledge inside my booze addled brain, and heck, I may as well continue this series until I run out of ideas.

  • Muthsarah

    I don’t know what I find more pathetic, the whole Ken debacle (painfully dumb, but so unimportant), or the fact that people didn’t know who Gorbachev was.  I hope that was just thrown in for the kiddies today who never knew the REAL Russian bear.

    The only other SF tidbit that I remember from back then was the ubiquitous rumor that, if you pause during one extra-brief frame of animation, you can get an upskirt of either Chun-Li or E. Honda.  I find that even more disturbing today than I did back then.

    • John Sco

      Oh DUDE, I so wanted to put that in too. I spent so many nights as a kid pausing the game during Chun-Li’s backflip to get her butt to show. Wow is that ever embarrassing to admit. I guess I left it out because it wasn’t so much of an unknown “fact” as it was be just being a horny 13 year old. 

      I hope my mom never reads this. 

      • Mike

        Well to be fair we didn’t have the internet back then for that kinda thing… damn dark ages of porn, it was. 

  • Jeff Bradford

    That was actually a lot better than I expected. Well played Oldschoo’, well played.

    • John Sco

      *tips his hat*

  • Rhamsody

    Thanks for the vid. I wish you could’ve explained what Ryu and Ken “Masters” says when they do the hurricane kick. I’ve seem the transcript and…I’m just not hearing it. I like how Peter on Family Guy just said gibberish when he fought Mr. Washee Washee.

    • John Sco

      I’m not hearing it either man, and I never have. Heck, when I was a kid and I would have sleepover parties at this one friend’s house, we’d be playing Street Fighter 2 all night long, to the point where his dad would come in and say, “Tuk tuk tiyuk tuk” as his way of saying goodnight, trying to imitate what Ken and Ryu say when they are doing the hurricane kick. 

  • The_Unusual_Suspect

    Haha, used that same Krusty clip myself: “Cos I’m an idiot! Happy?” Love it, and once again, a great video, would love to see more of these ‘things you never knew’ videos, they’re really interesting and you make ’em entertaining to watch 🙂

  • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

    I am commenting mid-review but the relationship of the Master and the Doctor, like Sherlock and Moriarty, also mimics Ra’s Al Ghul and Batman.  It’s interesting that a lot of good characters are also attributed to their greatest equals in a lot of stories.  Now to finish watching what is a great recap so far 🙂

    • Sofie Liv

       There always is an interesting relation when the hero and protagonist in some regard clearly respect each other and are only different on such a fraction of morale standing.

      And when you can see, as an audience, how easily your hero could have been that villain person, preciesly because many of the same ideals.

      With the doctor and the master, they are both tired of the old Gallifrayan way, they both ran off to be free, only difference here is that the Doc sees himself as a full-time tourist and recognise he has some-thing to learn from some people, while the Master sees himself as superior to every-one else and shouldn’t be locked up. But they both came from the same place the first time around.

      That whole relationship is altered a lot in the new show though, where the master just wants to see the doctor suffer as much as possible because… he hates the doctor.

      It does present an interesting relationship as they are the two last of their species, the doctor desperate for redemption does all that he can to safe the master, but the master at that point has become self destructive.

      All though, if I should go with old master instead of new, thinking strictly off the old master. I would have found it interesting to see how he would have been in the new show, without the time-lords as a constant threat hanging about him, what would he do? what would the point be in chasing the doctor? there would be no point. He has a Tardis so he could go any-where he wanted except home.
      He may be a villain, but I don’t think the old master would try and conqour any planets in the new show, cause that would be pointless for him, in fact i think he would end up scovering the universe on his own in an attempt to find attribution, just some sense of meaning. That to me would have been an interesting story to, but of cause would erase that whole. “the doctor is the last one.” thing they have going now.

  • Muthsarah

    I’ve still never seen anything of Doctor Who, and I suspect it’s been built up so much that my expectations would be unreasonably hard to meet.  I grew up with Star Trek and Red Dwarf, Firefly is my favorite TV show, I’m a general Anglophile, and EVERYONE seems to geek out over it, so it should be a safe bet, but…I don’t know why I haven’t given it a chance.  There’s gotta be a reason.  Maybe it just seemed too big.  Or too silly.  Is it supposed to be a sprawling epic, or is a campy sci-fi soap?  Every clip I’ve seen suggests the latter, but all the fan gushing (and the length of run) suggests the former.

    I’ve heard about the Eccleston version being the best place to start, but what mindset should I go in with?  I feel like I’ve let too much time pass already.

    • Jill Bearup

      Panic not, my friend. My exposure to Old Who is strictly limited, and that is OK. You can watch New Who without it.

      Doctor Who, as Sofie says, is mixed. It’s been running what we Brits refer to as A Bloody Long Time, and so there’s some awesome (and awful) stuff. New Who is more consistent, but it has its missteps too. 

      I would start with Eccleston. And expect…entertainment. 

      But don’t expect it to be the most awesomest thing ever. Because what could live up to that? 🙂

    •  Start with Eccleston.  Personally I love Hartnell’s Doctor, but Eccleston’s and up are made to modern standards and more likely to appeal (plus, they actually have a budget).

      Mindset?  You’re looking at a Sci-Fi superhero version of Star Trek.  I think that suggests the right mindset 🙂

    • Sofie Liv

      Star with the new show from 2005, it’s designed for an modern audience and introduces this entire concept to an modern audience, then back-track if you like the show.

      I must say how-ever! the show takes a little time before it picks itself up! the first couple of episodes aren’t that good and the show has not found a balance yet, if you really want to check it out, start with the new season one from 2005, then stick to it, even if it feels slow, up until the double episode. “The Empty child/The Doctor Dances.” which are oustanding episodes showing what this show is capable off, and if you dont like it after having seen that, you are never going to like it, you can stop watching there.

      The show, is all about fun! It’s self indulgent and full of imagination, it’s childish of nature but also have heart.

      Last week they aired and episode called. “Dinosaurs on a space-ship.” and guess what. It had dinosaurs on a effing space-ship! It absolutely delivered! And that’s the jest of it. “We want to have an ancient mummy some-how appearing in future manhatten.” pff, well of cause hasn’t Happened yet, but it could, any-thing could happen.. It’s like a ten year old making up stories to his parents.

      “And then they went to the moon landing, but these invisible aliens tried to stop them, then they went to the cursed pirate ship where you should stay away from the mirrors, cause the monster comes through mirrors!” except, instead of being told by a ten year old, it’s told by talented writers. So well, it tend to leave us the viewers in the state of ten year olds.
      “Oh my god! cyborg man in a western city, queen of egypt! yes sure! trolololol.”

      It’s just a funny self indulgent show.

  • Nuclearademan

    I don’t understand the hate this gets, it’s no worse than a mediocure episode of the new series stretched out to 90 minutes. If Paul McGann got to play the doctor longer I think he would have been the best. He’s still my second favourite behind Ecclestone.

    The two major problems with the film were the whole half human thing which was retconned pretty quickly and Eric Roberts who I normally like was rubbish but I doubt he would have stook around if they made a series anyway.

    Aside from the supporting cast the show didn’t really feel very Americanized to me, they didn’t even cast an American as the doctor which you’d think would be the first thing to do to appeal more to American audience.

    • Sofie Liv

       It’s absolutely not nearly as bad as the worst of Doctor who, it’s just there in the middle really.

      Well, the way they chose the cut it often lead my minds to the old Universal horror movies mixed with the Gangsta movies which were very popular in America in the fifties, it’s an original look for sure, and the movie over-all is very nice looking, there isn’t really any television episode as nice looking as it, but well, it is what it is now, just a part of Doctor Who legacy.

  • Dwlow812003

    Even Sylvester Mccoy admitted he should have been i nthis one. He said in an interview that it should have started with Paul Mcgann as the Doctor, and then later on if the series got picked up, go back and show how the 7th doctor regenerated. He added though, “But I’m glad I did it, the money was good,” lol:)

    You’re right about his awful death, Sofie. You ever hear the Big Finish audio play called Zagreus, that had doctors 5 through 8 in it? The 7th Doctor and the 6th Doctor both complain about how stupid their deaths were i nthat, lol.

    Ayway, great job with this review, so cool to see the evil box over lord return, lol:) This is pobably your best video yet 🙂 

    • Dwlow812003

      and i of course mean mccoy admitted he shouldnt be in this one. not should, lol.

      •  I disagree; I think McCoy’s opening added some class to the movie that really gives it a feeling of legacy.

    • Sofie Liv

       Well, nice for him the money were good, then he could buy his swimming pool! no wait, that was Michael cane..

      Yeah, heh, Six and Seventh having an conversation about whos death sucked most, that would be an interesting scenario.

      Oh that is not evil box over-lord, Evil Box over-lord was played by my personal friend “Christian.” whom I know from real life, and you know like me, is Danish.
      This was Rick Bush the Porn critic making an Eric Roberts impression, and he was awesome at it wouldn’t you say?

      • Dwlow812003

        oh im sorry for the mix up, they kind look alike to my bad eyes, lol. and yes indeed, he was awesome!:D

        • Sofie Liv

          No worries, they are both great guys! just two very different guys, I don’t think Christian would never be afflicted with porn, he blushes every time I bring such silly things up, and he certainly isn’t able to talk about it without getting all giggly, he is such a sweet-heart that way.

  • Tony Thurisaz

    With Sofie already playing the Doctor, when I saw the Porn Critic show up as the Master, I feared this was going to turn into a porn parody. Then when it wasn’t, strangely, I was a little disappointed.

    • Sofie Liv

       oh go write a fanfic 😛

  • Liam Barrett

    … That Fireball Hands thing just blew my mind.

  • Dwlow812003

    here’s an open question to anybody: who was your favorite companion? I know this is hardly an original answer, but for me its is forever and always, the late, great Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith 🙂

    •  Yeah, I have to go with Sarah Jane.  There are other companions I like, but I think she’s the only companion that I’ve enjoyed seeing with 4 different Doctors and never once been pissed off by.  Then again, I’ve seen more of some others than her still.

    • Sofie Liv

       Well, out of old Doctor who, yeah I am on the Sarah Jane wagon, the girl had spunk! in the best sense of the word.
      I will just never forget in “The web of the spiderplanet.” where the aliens drags off with Sarah Jane and she yells to the doctor. “Doctor don’t worry! if they ever try some-thing I bite them!” lol, oh Sarah Jane, you were wonderful and wonderfully spunky.

      As for new who, I have to leave that a tie between Donna Noble and Rory I love both of them equally much.
      I love how both of them are more “Every-day.” people without being gushed over being oh so special, wich makes it that more impressive when they stand up to the challenge by the end, and they are also both sort of heart melters, I want them to wind and be happy by the end.

      Also.. Rory in spite of being such an awkward nelly has some of the most bad-ass moments, punching the doctor, punching hitler, standing in front of the sularians in his roman outfitt while space-ship exploids behind him. And still he manages to be so adorable, the dalek episode. “are these eggs? are these what you want? you want your egg?” …and then he runs. daww, Rory, you’re so cute.

      I want a female companion to be like him, instead of all of them being so. “Awesome.” from day one, I want an awkward woman thinking the dalek golf balls are their eggs. that would be cute.

  • I’m watching the ending to this video just waiting to hear the word “Allon-sy”.  Don’t disappoint me Sofieeeeeeee!

    • Sofie Liv

       huh.. sorry.. wanna watch a movie?

  • Calum Syers

    Hot damn, this movie! When I was around 8-years-old I loved this movie more than life itself. As a fan of the show (1963-1989, especially the Peter Davidson & Tom Baker incarnations) when it was repeated on TV, this was just about the most important movie of my young life. I even went around the playground at school reenacting all the scenes where the Doctor is alone in the Tardis (I was picked on, a lot!)

    Although, as a rational adult, I can see that it’s problematic; especially regarding Sylvester McCoy and Eric Roberts. Paul McGann is excellent, though, and did deserve a second or third shot.

    • Sofie Liv

       Well, then I hope you are as happy about the new series as I am.
      I can totally understand why a child would be psycked about this movie, especially if you liked the older shows and the new show did not exist yet.
      For its time, it was indeed bigger, prettier and on a production value stand-point, better than any-thing Doctor who related ever before!

      Also, it does have at least some of the self indulgent fun that makes Doctor who so great, messing around with humans, running about, space-ships, aliens, yeah, had this show gone on there could might have been some hope.

      Yeah, he did. And well, considering next year is Doctor Who’s 50 anniversary, I can’t help but really really hope that he’ll have that second shot, just for the sake of it.

      I know this sounds like a fans wet dream or a fanfiction.. (and it probably is.) But.. Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith teaming up for a big special because of the 50 anniversary.
      Come on please! It’s tradition! you cannot let this pass by you! I want.. nay, I need it to exist!

  • Tedzey71

    I rarely watch Doctor Who, but once in a while it plays in the commuter’s lounge at school. I enjoyed the alternate death scene with Rick!

    • Sofie Liv

       I watch Doctor who religously….heh

      I also thought that scene came out way better than exspected, I actually really like it myself, I like this video :3

      • Tedzey71

        It was well put. I think people underestimate the power of imagination and good writing when having limitations. Like, you don’t need a gazillion dollar budget and a pyromaniac like Michael Bay to direct a good coherent action film… or at least I think this.

        • Sofie Liv

          No I think you are right, it’s incredible what can be done with clever writing and execusion.

          Now we are with Doctor who, I enjoy Doctor who more than most hollywood movie productions, as far as I am concerned, Doctor who made. “Cowboys and aliens.” Better than the actual. “Cowboys and aliens.” which was a decent flick don’t get me wrong, Doctor who was just more enjoyble for me when it did that.

          Also, sticking to Steven Moffat, I have yet to talk to ANY-ONE! who has seen the Robert Downey Sherlock Holmes movies and the BBC Sherlock mini-series… that does not think the mini series is far superior. In every single aspect, from look to writing to even music, it’s just better, and compare the budgests. Sherlock is peanuts in comparison to the Sherlock Holmes blockbuster movies.

          But you know.. for this bit, back-ground music, sound effects and a great performance from Rick helped A LOT! without any of that this wouldn’t have worked!
          Clever writing aint enough, withour prober execusion it wont work either.

          So yeah, if you have clever scripts and great performances, the world is your oyster, afraid I myself am held back by languet difficulties at current time, but i’ll get there eventually 🙂

  • Thomas Stockel

    A great review, Sophie!  I didn’t think the t.v. movie sucked and Paul McGann did a good job.  It’s funny but one of the things that annoyed me was how “American” the movie felt, like with that motorcycle chase scene.  But then I started watching the Pertwee Who serials a couple months back and in The Daemons what is The Doctor doing?  He’s tooling around on a motorcycle. 🙂

    You mentioned how Doctor Who started, and a friend of mine turned me on to this list IO9 made: 10 Totally Different tv shows Doctor Who has been.

    Quite awesome, you dressing up as the Baker Doctor.  My favorite. 🙂

    Finally, McGann’s Doctor and a potential relationship with the, uh, doctor?  It reminds me of the relationship between Mulder and Scully.  Not surprising, considering Fox did both this and X-Files.

    • Sofie Liv

       Thank you.
      Well, neither did I really.. I just think the new show is better.

      As for Americanising when it comes to Motor cycles and whats not, have you even seen the new show? Yeah they have motor cycles.. and guns.. and tanks.. and dinosaurs on a space-ship.. and explosions.. a lot of them inside of the Tardis.

      So clearly that is not what I mean when I say that, I sort of more mean the humour actually. Doctor who always had and still have a sort of distinct british humour and self awareness, like many other british shows have really, and well, I say that is due to sheer culture. American and Britishi humour is just different! and surprisingly, the british humour is way more crude and hard on.
      And well, Doctor who, in its nature, just needs that thick layer of humour, it needs to know what it is and how silly it all-ready is in nature in order to exist and be enjoyable.
      And well, when it has that down, it’s just about the most fun show ever so.

      You know, believe it or not, I have all-ready seen that list! All though, I highly dissagree with the last one. “A relationship comedy with universe-shattering consequences”No no no! I call that one. “Gothic fairytales and space opera romances.”Seriously, I still call Steven Moffat a fairy tale writer, he writes fairy tales.. often with horror elements in them, which makes them gothic. using fairy tale symbols to describe his characters and scenarios, making up new fairy tale names on the way, and dude, I love him for it!

      • Thomas Stockel

         Well, when I saw the American t.v. movie at the time the only Doctor Who I had seen was the Baker era, so at the time there was nothing like that at all during his run.  It felt very much like they wanted to turn it into an action show and really Doctor Who had already been there with the Pertwee era.

        I think an American Doctor Who would have been a failure, had it made it that far; thirteen episodes and that’s it.  Americans just weren’t ready for it. Heck, most Americans still aren’t ready for it.

        By the way, if you are thinking of doing a Legacy Hunting maybe you might want to break it up into parts?  Maybe part one Hartnell-Pertwee years, part two the Baker years, part three Davidson-McCoy years, part four the Wilderness years with the American pilot and the media published, and then finally the modern Doctor?

        Oh, and the only thing I dislike about Moffat’s Doctor Who is River Song.  A little of her goes a long, long, long….long way.  I have come to really hate the character and ever since Let’s Kill Hitler it is obvious he was making it up as he went along, there was no long term plan for the character.

        • Sofie Liv

          Pertwee was karate master secret agent B)

          yeah that is true, Americans just aren’t ready.. well the young viewers are, it’s the studios which are not.
          Me and FullOfQuestions both agree their re-hatch of “Sherlock.” called. “Elementary.” is bound to suck.
          Though my words are. “Sherlock is an incredible original and fresh show, going out on the edge which makes it vibrant and interesting, my guess is that elementary is going to do the same thing American crime shows has done over and over the last ten years, play it safe, and be very boring.”

           I don’t know what I am going to do with Doctor who yet, if i’ll review more episodes, or do genuine legacy hunting, or examination of characters.. I don’t know.

          Riversong is a character I would want to make en examination of cause, I seem to be the only one being okay with her! I don’t dislike her at all.
          I am not all “OMG yes Riversong!” but neither am I. “Oh no, Riversong.” I am just. “Hey look, it’s riversong.”

          I don’t know, as I have stated before one of the big difference between moffat and RTD is that RTD focused on the Doctor and the Doctors personal arching while the companion was just sort of there.
          While Moffat, he actually focuses on the companions and their arching, and how the doctor looks through their eyes.

          Season 5, was indeed, season Amy, it was all about her!

          And season 6, it was Season Riversong! that season was all about Riversong, and wrapping her up, which it did! She is now wrapped up, so she can just pop up at randomn now and then to say hey in a way more relaxed manner. we know where she comes from, that she is deep down slightly insane, and why, whe know why the doctor takes her out every night, even skipped a hundred year of the Doctors life to give him time to become Rivers doctor, the one she has been on adventures with.

          And why would the Doctor spend so much time on her, I think people miss-understand that one a bit. yeah he sort of, but only kind of married her, why?
          Does he like her? yeah, he does.
          Does he love her? no… I don’t think he does.

          Then why?

          Well, he feels guilty! The first time he ever met Riversong, she gave her life for him, and as he meets her again, he all-ready knows that is how it’s going to end up.
          Then he found out that he was the one failing her while she was a baby! and is the indirect cause of her having a kind of shitty child-hood and ultimately become a wee bit crazy.
          And to top all of that off, she gets to sit in prison for the rest of her life, for a murder she didn’t commit, covering up every-day that she didn’t commit it, fully goes with. “No it’s true, the doctor is dead.” out of loyalty, to him.
          All of that shit in Rivers life, indirectly tied to the doctor, it’s his fault, she is a product of him and him alone, and he knows it, he is even indirecty cause of her concievense because he forgot to tell Amy and Rory “Btw, don’t have sex while we are in the time vortex, it could turn you baby into a half time lord and there-by make it a target for crazy people who wants to turn it into a weapon against me, have a nice day!” So he not only failed River there, but Amy and Rory to, and he promised Amy to do what he could to keep that baby safe, which is River.
          So yeah, he feels really guilty about that one, and will therefor pretty much do what-ever Riversong asks of him. What-ever makes her happy.

          But now again, we are over with all of that, it’s wrapped up and explained, so well yeah. Season Riversong is over with, I think we can safely assume she is going to be dialed down now.

          • Thomas Stockel

            We’ll have to see what Moffat does with River Song.  I know she is supposed to show up this season in some capacity.  I’m not going to rant here about why I don’t like her, people have summed it up a lot better than me and you and everyone else don’t need to read my vitriol.

            And yeah, Elementary is going to suck really, really hard.  Eccentric crime solver?  Check.  Straight laced sidekick?  Check.  See X-Files, Bones, Castle (Which I like, by the way, if only because the police are portrayed as intelligent and competent and it is obvious they could possibly solve the crime without Rick Castle; he just helps them to solve it faster.) Perception, The Mentalist, Psyche, Monk, etc. etc. etc.

            So yeah, while I really, really wish I could disagree with you I think you are a hundred percent correct and it’s going to be the same old shit.

          • Sofie Liv

             There is one episode she is going to show up in, the same which is Amys and Rorys last episode.
            Coincidence? probably not, I mean dude, she is their daughter, she is very much connected to them.
            Also. I got a hunch! I think Amy is going to get pregnant again and that is why Amy and Rory will leave the Tardis for good, to raise their second child safely, and life happily ever after 🙂
            You know I would very much like a Tardis depature which isn’t painful to watch, the closest we came to it was Martha who left herself with the reasoning. “you know, this life-style is actually not very good for me right now, I need to find my own way here.” that was really nice actually.

            Sigh.. “House.” “White lies.” “True collar.” “Brother grimm.” the list goes on doesn’t it?
            And it’s not because none of these are good or have good elements to them, they are just all the same!
            Yeah it was fresh and new ones, when House and Monk came out, but now it’s all the same.

            From an historical stand-point it is interesting to notice though, That Sherlock Holmes figure is indeed what you may call “The original.” when it comes to these characters where entire shows are formed around them, all of the others are using the character of Holmes as a template, whether it’s conciouse or not, so well.. that show only makes to good sense really, it’s still going to suck though. Thankfully “Sherlock” lifes on in all of its glory and sheer epicness :3

  • Sofie Liv

    Does any-one like my invisble Tardis Console? far better than Linkaras dumb space-ship.

    • Thomas Stockel

       Seeing as I am holding out a (very) faint hope for a Linkara crossover, I shall refrain from commenting. 😀

      • Sofie Liv

         Well who knows what the future holds right?
        If I ever got the chance, you wouldn’t even need to doubt, that I would jump at that chance, because he is awesome, and I like his stuff a lot.

        Also I got an invisble Tardis control in my room B)

        • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

          Linkara should have to learn how to control a spaceship via a Tardis, since that is the ultimate control.  Would be more epic for you to have a Lotus with a rocket launcher that can blast a missile into outer space, with Chuck Norris on top kicking Stephen Seagal.  Then you can teleport Joey Tedesco to Earth to take out Michael Bay, get Porn Critic and Liam to push Ursa’s Delorean to push your Lotus to 88 MPH to get Mendo to go back in time and prevent the world from collapsing from England winning the FIFA World Cup in 2014 in Brazil.  That evil bastard behind everything?  Film Renegado, he doesn’t like that Mexico will never win the FIFA World Cup.

          • Sofie Liv

             I have no idea what you just said..

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            I’m scripting a Uwe Boll movie pitch, so that answer is exactly what I want!

          • Jill Bearup

            You (probably) have no idea how appropriate it is that I have a DeLorean in this pitch. And so I shall bore you by explaining how my uncle’s dad used to work in the place in Dunmurry that made them. Also how I used to live not that far from Dunmurry. But then I lived in Northern Ireland, which is TINY, so pretty much half the country was ‘not that far from Dunmurry’.

            With that said, I’m with Sofie: didn’t get a word of that. 🙂

            (Also, great review Sofie!)

          • Sofie Liv

             Is Northen Ireland more tiny than Denmark?

            Thanks, glad you enjoyed 🙂

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            For reference thanks to Wikipedia:

            Saskatchewan (my province of residence) 651,900 km2
            Population: 1,033,381
            Northern Ireland
            13,843 km2Population: 1,810,900


            43,094 km2Population: 5,543,453

            So not only do I live in an area with a lot less people, I have less people to see on a daily basis. 

          • Sofie Liv

            wauw… I bow my head to thee.

            I found another country which actually is on a world map but have a smaller population than mine. I am so happy.. wait why am I happy?

            I also know very well Northern Ireland has been a shitty place to life for many complicated reasons I don’t even want to go into, for several years, so yeah, I feel for that country. I don’t think they wont the price for “Happiest country in the world” in any recent years.

    • Dwlow812003

      its funny you mention linkara, as ive always thought of you as a more laid back, female, danish version of linkara, lol;)

      • Sofie Liv

         A female version of Linkara? oh geez, and here I thought I were a female version of me!

        But I admit, we do like a lot of the same stuff, and I can see how our styles could be some-what similar from time to time. I have yet to venture out actually making plots like he does.. but neither will I deny that I may have it in me.

        We also have a lot of differences though, for one thing I have no problem swearing in my videos!
        I mean gesh, it’s in my every day languet any-way, I do believe the kids can take it without becoming shell shocked, and some-times it’s genuinly funny when some-one says. “Oh shit.”

        But ultimately, I like him a lot! and I enjoy his videos a lot 🙂

        • Kind of ironic seeing how you did a female version of Harvey Finevoice on your Youtube channel a while back. I’m sure all of us enjoy his videos and we all enjoy yours so you are similar. 🙂

          • Sofie Liv

             That was years ago! very litterately, it was years ago!

            So shush you. And I take pride in being different to, in some ways we are similiar, but not in all ways! thank fully, I am pretty sure I play the piano way better than he does.

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            I also prefer your voice to Linkara’s as I feel he can get a bit whiny sounding (probably personal preference) but the content he provides is always pretty solid.  But you have the advantage of being a stage performer, and can translate that very well to your reviews since you are used to being judged as a performer by your peers.  Having that background gives you a big edge on others that are just nerds with no theatrical training at all, who come across as wooden or boring despite having good knowledge of what they are talking about.

          • Sofie Liv

             Aw, I’m glad you feel like you can sense that, all though I do think Ricks performance here was just great and out-shined mine by a mile, which is not a bad thing, he really sold the scene for me! wouldn’t have worked as well with some-one lesser good at acting than Rick, he really surprised me there.

            lol, it’s sort of funny you find my voice less. “Whiny.” than his as technically, I am a girl, so my voice by defualt is higher pitched than his, thus I should sound whinier, I don’t know I think his voice is fine. mine is beautiful of cause X)

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            I’m no baritone myself but that’s why I don’t make videos (who wants to listen to a monotone give a monologue?  Maybe a masochist but even Questions would shoot herself given that option (disclaimer: that was an alliteration joke, I don’t know Questions I just inserting her in random bad jokes because she is awesome and seemed the wrong person to insert that we all know and love), so yeah…I love being on the other side of the reviewer shield, making comments as opposed to making a video (it would be awful seeing me make a video, absolutely dreadful).

          • Sofie Liv

             Well, you would never know before you tried.
            And beside, every-one sucks when they first start out, I hope it’s obvious that i have improved across the past year I have done this, and hopefully, I’ll improve just as much the next year.

            Glad you enjoy just being here, that’s great!

    • The_Stig

      What I would love is to build a Steampunk TARDIS console. That would be rad.

  • Dwlow812003

    i do hope in the 50th anniversary special there is some kind of tribute to lis/sarah jane. she meant so muc hto the show and to the fans 🙂

    • Sofie Liv

       You know quite honestly, I think she had tribute enough. Yes I am sad she is gone, yes she attributed a lot and a lot to the show.

      but well, with such episodes as “School reunion.” her getting her own spin-off and so on.. isn’t that kind of tribute enough?

      Also when there are so many other great people whom attributed so much, every single doctor, companions as Jamie, Ace, Liz Shaw.

      Not to mention all of the writers and creative folks behind the scenes, what you may call the unsung heroes of Doctor who.

      There’s a lot you could choose to pay tribute to, I don’t know what is going to go up, but they have to do some-thing, and well.. I am honestly in anticipation as a ten year old child :3

  • Cleggster

    Dammit.  Now I want your script to be reality.  sigh  If wishes could be money…

    I really hated the way they killed Macoy’s character.   I mainly blame the director of this.  Bad jokes.  Terrible characterizations.  Trying to hard to be goofy while being sinister at the same time.  But I LOVED McGann is the Doctor.  I really wanted him to be the new Doctor when they restarted the series in 2005.  I should point out that it was American ratings that prevented the pilot from going anywhere.  It did well in England. 

    And have to agree with you about the Eccilston run.  The Empty Child/Doctor Dances ism where the show finally got it’s stride.  The pacing was too slow up till then and it finally showed what could be done with a show like this. 

    Just to throw this in.  My favorite classic companion was Leela.  Not for the obvious reason often brought up.  But for her attitude.  “Can I kill him Doctor?”  “Not right now, you’ll upset the dog”  He never actually chastised for for it. 

    Again, thanks for the wonderful rewrite.  Now I can just imagine Macoy having a duel to the death with the master before he winds up in the hospital.  Macoy deserved better than that. 

    (oh, and the Darleks are champions of law and order?  Seriously?!)

    •  I always forget to mention this because it’s such a WTF moment that I think we all block it out.  The Daleks putting the Master on Trial for any reason OTHER than to trick the Doctor is preposterous.

    • Sofie Liv

       Aww thanks, if I could be involved with the creating of real Doctor who episodes I would faint, sigh.
      Here’s an idea for a series of fan film.. the time war! dun dun dunnnn, get Paul McGann, get a studio, some clever scripting and make a four to eight part mini-series about the final days of the time-war.
      And yes, if you were money and you said. “Make doctor who for me.” I would totally do that, but sadly, that’s not reality -_-;

      Oh Absolutly, Empty child is the high of the first season. Well, Leela is a fine companion, one thing I like in how she is written, she is not dumb! she asks questions, she learns and she makes logical conclusions by herself, she just happen to come from a culture that doesn’t know better at first, but she is ever evolving because she actually is smart.
      Also the idea of having a “Watson/Holmes” relationship where the companion is a person asking questions, that’s a good idea! it’s just a shame they actually first really got such a relationship down by the time of Ace, where the Doctor go as far as witholding information from her, believing it’s “For her own good.” which in truth.. is a very Sherlock Holmes thing to do.

      Your welcome, glad you enjoyed 🙂

      …Well, you could argue that some sick alien cult out there, would worship Daleks as champions of order, because well, if the Daleks took over there would be order, opression and death of every-thing different, but order none the less. huh, would be an interesting episode.

      But.. a Trial?..

      “Master, you have come before us, what is the verdict?”
      “Okay!” *ZAP*
      “Back to buisness.”
      “Yes supreme coart.”

      And I know the Doctor and the Masters are old enemies and all of that, but I don’t think the Doctor would knowingly give the Master up to freaking Daleks like that, also.. as far as they know at that time, the master is DEAD! so what would be the point of putting on trial at all?

      There’s no logic or reason behind that, if there should be any logic it would be that the Master is still alive, and the Doctor is bringing him to Gallifray where he can face justice.
      Lets face it, if the Doctor ever caught the master, that would be the only logical thing to do with him.

      • The_Stig

        I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see a Time War miniseries done by Moffat, Gatiss and Davies with McGann as the Doctor, ending with a cameo from Eccleston at the very end as the newly regenerated Ninth Doctor. That would segue into the new series nicely.

        • Sofie Liv

          Oh so you don’t want me invited as a writer!?
          I could be head-writer! i would totally want to create that mini-series from scratch!

          Just because I would absolutely write myself into it some-how….

          sigh, all though granted I am no Moffat, and may I say I like the order you are mentioning the writers in X)

          • The_Stig

            No offense, hon but you’re too much woman for this series. 🙂

          • Sofie Liv

            I think you need to evaluate that sentence mate.

            I am going to guess it was meant as a compliment, but it could just as easily be taken as an insult as saying. “No man, women can’t write this stuff, it would just implode on itself!” …. ?

            And well, if you are complimenting me, which I believe you are. Saying I am woman in the best possible meaning of the word and any such special would implode from my radiant awesomness (that’s my intepretation, so thanks.)

            Why wouldn’t we want that? how would could there ever be to much woman in a show? 😉

          • The_Stig

            Yes, Sofie it was a compliment. Hence the smiley face. LOVED your rewrite of the regeneration scene, although I would like to know where The Master would get a gun from.

          • Sofie Liv

            Thanks, I thought so, but again, just worth thinking about such comments, they could very easily be miss-interpretated.
            Hasn’t there been any time where the master picked up a gun? I don’t think it would be out of character for him to pick one up in his pocket.
            He got it while he was being arrested and hid it on his person until he saw his chance to break loose, there.

          • The_Stig

            Sofie, let’s get one thing straight. You’ve got nothing but love from this old boy.

            Anyway, I can’t remember if The Master’s ever used a normal gun. I mean, I COULD see him using one if he absolutely had to in order to save his own skin, but this is a guy who once killed someone with an inflatable chair. A .45 just seems well….easy. The Doctor is his greatest enemy, where’s the satisfaction in gunning him down like a common thug? We’re talking about a guy who as obsessed with survival as he was, actually chose death over regeneration purely to spite The Doctor.

            But let’s say The Master was in fact packing. So why wouldn’t The Doctor search his greatest enemy for weapons before transporting him to answer for his crimes? I could, however see The Master using some small single-shot laser hidden in his ring. That would mortally wound The Doctor but give him enough time to lock down the TARDIS’ controls and strand them both on Earth. So your scene would remain totally intact, just that the weapon would be different. I don’t mean to nitpick. Maybe I’m just overthinking this.

            Ever thought of rewriting the entire TV movie?

          • Sofie Liv

            It’s a weapon, the only thing I wrote in the script to rick was. “Master points some kind of weapon at doctor, preferable a screw-driver but what-ever you find, just don’t use a dildo it’ll spoil the illusion.”
            And that was my attempt at trying to make Rick embarrased just a little bit… didn’t work, he didn’t even comment.

            Dude, if I were ever going to start litterately re-writing every single movie I feel like I have better solutions for.. we would be here the next ten years.

            And if we went into Doctor who and I began writing Doctor who, you know.. I would much rather either write that Time War piece, depicting the last few weeks or maybe only the last couple of days of the time war.
            Or! I would write stories that would fit as an entirely new episode!
            Write the Doctor going to an old Viking village and be named “Loki god of misschieff.” but the vikings.
            Or he could go solve a mystery with conan doyle!

            I also have a story in my head… where he runs into a time-lord from the past. A time-lord whom is from before Gallifray died, also traveling time for a bit of fresh air, and the Doctor has to face the dilemma off either telling this other time-lord to stay away so he wont die, or send the time-lord back to his sure death that sort of all-ready happened.
            And my conclusion to that would be, that the doctor does indeed tell and tries to convince the time-lord to stay, the time-lord how-ever decides to go back regardless to protect time. I think that could become a rather good episode 🙂

          • The_Stig

            Ok, I can understand the weapon thing, although I could totally see PC rattling off the line “Laser Dildo! Who’d have screwdriver?” 🙂 Also, I forgot to mention it before but I loved your reaction to getting shot.

            Hey, I’m not asking you about rewriting every movie, just this particular one! I just feel like both this film, this franchise and McGann (who was brilliant anyway) deserved better, though you have to admit in the end it all worked out for the best and nine years later we got a much better proper BBC Doctor Who series that ushered in an era where the show enjoyed more popularity than ever.

            The main problem you run into with a Time War mini-series is the conundrum of how to do justice to the EPIC scale of the Last Great Time War. It was the final confrontation between the Timelords and Daleks. So much epic stuff happened -and- you have to cram in stuff that answers the fans’ questions like what Romana’s fate was, how they brought back Rassilon, the Master’s role and eventual flight to the end of the universe, how the Doctor became The Oncoming Storm, the destruction of Skaro and ending with the Eighth Doctor’s decision to commit genocide against the Time Lords and his regeneration into his ninth incarnation…. and I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to see the Nightmare Child and the sealing of the Medusa Cascade in glorious HD. It just fills your imagination with wonder, doesn’t it?

            As for your episode ideas? Love them!

            My God, these columns are getting narrow.

          • Sofie Liv

            Rick is in actual buisness of making Porn parodies, so I will suggest that to him.

            “Sonic Dildo! who wants screwdriver?” …. that’s actually genuinly funny.. hah. and knowing what a sonic screw-driver can do, a sonic dildo would probably be the best porn prob ever X)

            Yeah, that is the thing if you did a time-war piece, it would never ever life up to what we are imagining.

            What I always say though, is to keep it on the characters, the more ellaborate the big plot is, the more important it is to keep it on the characters, that’s why Moffats Who even works, no the over-all plot doesn’t make any sense, but having the characters as solid cores and their personal journey making sense, we have some-thing to hold onto, and it all works.

            The way I would do it.. and this was my idea I wrote notes for some years back, was that the episode with the doctor running into another time-lord would be the set-up actually, and I know I said “he.” but it’s actually a “She.” in my draft, and I called her Miramay.
            The Doctor just remembered her as being an old crow he really didn’t liked, but you know, wanted to keep her alive regardless. And well, that episode thingy where she decides to go back would be the set-up.

            And in my actual time-war piece, I wrote some scenes and a minor draft of.. she is the one who is the main character. She interacts with the eight Doctor and deliberately keeps the future from him, do what she can so he wont suspect, and kind of helps him in the corners. In my piece the Doctor also fully intense to die together with all of Gallifray, but Miramay is the one ending up making sure he’ll get away, sacraficing herself insteand.

            I decided to make the main character not the doctor, simply because it would be easier to write that narrative, and it also allows the doctor to run around and do all that stuff which can’t possible surveyed.
            The Doctor is actually not a very good main character, that’s why we need companions, so they can be the main characters, and what we see, is the doctor through their eyes and how they view him.

            These are all just out-lines and drafts I wrote years and years ago, I really don’t know if I am ever going to make it into any-thing for real, it would be a complicated piece to write, and well, enternet videos, coupled with school-work, coupled with still pursuing life performance.. there are only that many hours in the day I am afraid :/

            Have you noticed I managed to get weekly reviews out for a while now? I would sort of like to see if I can keep that up.

            And yeah.. yeah these are getting narrow.. if you respond to this long comment you can just make a new one up on top.

          • The_Stig

            I disagree with you on The Doctor not being a good main character. I think he’s a great main character, but the reason for companions is so the audience has a pair of (usually) human eyes to view these amazing journeys the Doctor takes them on and he needs people to travel with to keep his ego in check, because on his own he does have a dark side that has a tendency to come out when he’s been on his own too long. I’ve always imagined that when he slips and goes on one such ego trip (as he did in this past week’s episode), his shocked companion snaps him out of it by telling him that he’s behaving exactly like a Time Lord.

            I’d actually like to see how narrow we can get these columns, actually. T’would be funny. 

            Threepio! Shut down all the garbage mashers on the detention level!

          • Sofie Liv

             I think people miss-understands, who is the main character of the story?
            The main character is the person with identify with and see the story through.

            Sherlock, a fantastic example. The show may be down-right called “Sherlock.” and is, yeah, about Sherlock… but he is not the main character of the show.
            The main character is in fact John, and it’s all about us seeing what John sees and how he exsperience Sherlock.

            Yes, Sherlock is the foundation of Sherlock, and yeah the Doctor is the foundation of Doctor who, they are the interesting parts of the show! they are the reason we came in the first place, and are sticking around.

            But they do become more interesting when viewed through the eyes of a so called “Identifiable companion.”
            And well, particularly the Doctor, is hard to identiy with.
            For crying out loud he is an thousand year old alien, you are not supposed to identify with him!

            And yeah, part of the function of the companion is also to keep him down, ones again, the companions is the one whom is “human.” and not so old that she has lost perspective of things, the one with the moral high ground, John actually carries the same role in Sherlock, he has the moral high grown and calls it out when Sherlock does some-thing immoral, same way as Amy called the Doctor out on his immorale action last week, and Donna called the doctor out on an immoral action at her first appearance, because they are the ones whom is the identifable, every-day human, with a common human concious.

            In regard to my fanfic, cause let us be fair, that is what it is!
            I just found it plane easier to get that narrative, from the eyes of an younger time-lord whom hadn’t been out traveling for hundreds of years, and had to be explained stuff, also.. I must admit I personally think I managed to make a pretty interesting character, and very strong character in her, a woman deliberately keeping up the facade off being an “old crow.” and is sort of under-cover, knowing she is going to die very soon, and how she is going to die, still keeping it all up, out of loyalty to her own morales and to make sure the univers wont be destroyed. (I did write her as a person with very strict ideals and morals, kind of snappy actually, but all-though her morals gets challenged, she never bends, which to me makes her a very strong person in the fic.. also why the doctor never liked her very much, to tight for him..)

            And isn’t this thing getting slim enough? 

          •  Ugh, Sofie, you’re reminding me of all the people I saw on Facebook who said they would stop watching the show if the next Doctor was a woman.  I was disgusted, not for the least of reasons because I thought Doctor Who fans might be a little more evolved than that.

          • Sofie Liv

             Dude, there were plenty of girls saying they would stop watching Doctor who and it would now be worthless just because David Tennant wouldn’t be in it any longer -_-;

            Sigh, that’s just sad claiming some-things one and only worth is the lead actor.
            Dude, what about the writer? the director? the set designer? the composer? all of these eliments are sort of needed to make a full product. Yeah a bad actor can make the entire project fall apart, but so can a bad director or writer, and there are more than one good actor that could fit the job out there.

            I don’t believe a female doctor will ever happen, I don’t even know if that would work, it would highly depend on the actress and the writer. But you know, it would never happen, so lets just concentrate on how awesome the female companions can get.

  • Voyager 6

    McCoy’s death was the best of all the Doctors!  I do not understand the deep human need for prolonged farewells, heartfelt final words, dragged out sililoquies.  In this case, he walks out of the TARDIS, drrrrrrrr spins on his heels faceplant DEAD.  Yeah yeah, he dies on the operating table, but that scene was basically the best directed in the whole movie, anyway.  It’s the stark, undramatic abruptness that makes it the best Doctor death ever.  They should have had the balls to just kill him off outside the TARDIS – the trauma room scene was not necessary.  Blaming Eric Roberts for the movie not being great is like blaming Colin Baker for the 1985 cancellation…selecting an easy and completely innocent target because the people behind the camera are sacred cows.  The same situation applies with the New Series, without the scapegoat – the show can never be anything but brilliant, because Davies and Moffatt are infallible gods.  Dissenting opinions are crushed with truly chilling speed….the Emperor has MARVELLOUS clothes, you peasant, how daaaaaaaaaare you say that story was rushed and stupid and self-indulgent?!  Love And Monsters DID NOT betray everything the Doctor as a character has ever stood for simply so there could be a blowjob joke (that only sexual predators would find funny) at the end!  The Emperor’s robes are BEAUTIFUL!  Independent thought and free opinion are NOT good things!! The 2011 Xmas Special was NOT godawful crap!!  KILL THE HERETIC!!!  🙂

    Anyway, another lie told about this movie is that it failed because it was ‘too American’.  That is complete and utter horseshit.  It failed because it wasn’t American ENOUGH.  Given the job of reinventing DW for a US audience, the creators bent over backwards to do the total opposite and make something that only British viewers would really like.  As Fred Freiberger said, Poms like talking, Yanks like doing.  And the ‘American’ DW movie was all talking and no doing.  It was crazy. The same things that doomed the old show were carried over here…lots and lots and lot and lots of talking and no action cos the money had been spent in the wrong areas.  AGAIN.  Bike chase, bit of a fight in the absurdly overlarge Console Room, the rest is DULL TALKING – just like the old show.  If Segal and his crew had had any sense at all, they’d’ve spent the money they wasted on the Console Room paying the standard hideously unwarranted bribe to Terry Nation’s estate and had the new Doctor battle the Daleks in a huge stupid all-American slugfest.  That would at least have been FUN. Mind you, had they done that, Fox would have commssioned 13 episodes, they would have sucked, the show would have been cancelled again, and Russell Davies would not have had a meal ticket for five years. Kind of like the Star Trek: The Motion Picture thing,  only in reverse.  You know?  That ‘terrible, boring’ film that raked in a staggering amount of money (Why did you all go to it four or five times each if you hated it?  You musta gone more than once, cos it was a smash hit…oh right, you only “admitted” you hated it after Khan came out, I see) and allowed the ‘vastly superior’ soap opera sequels that followed…and the mostly superb TNG and DS9…to happen.  Bitter?  Me?  🙂

    • Sofie Liv

       I am honestly confused about what you are saying here.

      Look, I just stated my own opinions looking at the movie as a whole, as a Doctor who fan of both the old and the new show.
      Nothing I said is taken from any-where, it’s my own honest opinions, I did not pin the failure of the movie on Eric Roberts, but I pointed to him as one out of several elements that didn’t work.
      When I say americanising, I actually didn’t mean the motor cycles or exploisions, I mean dude have you seen the new show? there’s tons of motor cycles and explosions in there.

      So that is not what I mean when I say that when I say “Americasation”, I sort of more mean the
      humour actually. Doctor who always had and still have a sort of distinct
      british humour and self awareness, like many other british shows have
      really, and well, I say that is due to sheer culture. American and
      Britishi humour is just different! and surprisingly, the british humour
      is way more crude and hard on.
      And well, Doctor who, in its nature,
      just needs that thick layer of humour, it needs to know what it is and
      how silly it all-ready is in nature in order to exist and be enjoyable.
      And well, when it has that down, it’s just about the most fun show ever so.

      McCoy was just sort of.. there.. and then he was gone because we needed to move on, no matter how you put it, that is sort of waste of time when you only have very limited time to tell your story.

      I never said “love and monsters.” destroyed Doctor, I found it a bad episode, but had all the intentions in the right place, it just took a miss step, and gues what, the next week Doctor who was back with a good episode, I moved on, and every-body was happy.

      Doctor who is a franchise which had A LOT of miss steps through out the time, but I love it regardless, I even find it endearing because of it.

      Neither do I blame Colin Baker for his run actually, I often found him the best thing in the episodes, it was just the writing that was atrocious.

      I never said I disliked this movie, because I don’t, I said for Doctor who fans to check it out, it’s just if I should pick what a new comers first introduction to the franchise should be, I would not pick this, as I find the 2005 show far superior, but there is nothing wrong in back-tracking, one does not exclude the other.

      And you don’t see me complain, Doctor who is still running, it’s currently my favourite show, so why the hell would I ever complain about how it all turned out?

      • The_Stig

        Hey, Sofie. Have you heard of a band called Chameleon Circuit? All their songs are about Doctor Who. It’s awesome.

        • Sofie Liv

          I have, and they are awesome 🙂

          • The_Stig

            The Timelords returning! The Earth will be burning! The last white point star is a trap for the Master!

  • Dwlow812003

    Ursa should do one of these reviews with you some day as a female Brig. The creative team back i nthe day said that they thought of the Doctor as Holmes, the Mastwer as Moriarty, and The Brig as Watson. By that standard, if Sofie is the female doctor, only one person can be the Brig, lol:)

    • Sofie Liv

      You know technically the Doctor and his companions do actually have that Holmes/Watson relationship.

      The Doctor being the dude so smart that no one can keep up and have all the answers by the end, but also have some rather moraly quostionable ways of doing things.
      While Watson is the dude we can actually relate to and asks the questions for the audience, while also acting as the morale high grown at more shady situations.

      I don’t know, we got so much great new talent here at the booth, and I am very excited to try and work with all of them, I love Jill, and I would love to make a Doctor who video with her, but you know, we’ll see, I just don’t know yet, any-one could act as companion really. except the Slob as he doesn’t get out of the chair much… and being a companion requires lots and lots of running. There’s only that many hours in the day I’m afraid D:

      I am how-ever just sold as Rick as the master now, if I ever need a master again, i’ll go straight to him, I found him that great 🙂

      •  You luuuuurve me.

        • Sofie Liv

          Well, even porn critics deserves a little lurve ones in a while.

  • DrWheelz

    “Where does the Doctor even sleep in there?”

    He sleeps in a bunk bed. Bunk beds are cool. It’s a bed with a ladder.

    • Sofie Liv

       Any-one else noticed the doctor become more and more childish each time he regenerates? the first, second and third doctor, did not sleep in any bunk bed, ninth neither.
      tenth or eleven?? pff, totally.. you think he might have a mid-life crisis here on this thousand year point in his life?
      I think fourth might slept in a bunk bed thinking that was pretty cool.

      I actually do find it genuinly amusing looking at various situations out of new-doctor who, then remind myself that deep inside the doctor looks like the first doctor, that would be his truest appearance, maybe just looking even older. then try and replace Matt Smith with that picture in your mind.

      Suddenly the scene where Amy tries to manhandle and kiss the doctor seems a lot more wrong and you can absolutely understand the Doctors reaction to that. “Stop kissing me! it’s just wrong, wrong I tell you!” … that whole Rose relationship also just looks so different and so wrong in some ways <_<

      It is less creepy with other people though as they are mature adults and can decide for themselves, also the doctor is indeed alien and looks young, so the rules are different I guess.

      • DrWheelz

        I think the reason that Eleven acts so young is that Ten acted so old. He may have started out full of vim and vigour, but in his last episode, he talked about how old he was and about how long the Time Lords live. Since he was the one who finally ended the Time War, dying in the process, Eleven got to start with a clean slate, and he takes advantage of it all the time.

        And anyway a 900+ year-old man and a 20 year old woman is still somehow way less creepy than a 109 year old vampire and an 18 year old high school girl.

        • Sofie Liv

           I don’t know, Tennant could act pretty childish ones in a while, and then the fact that he is so old emerges at more serious times.. That’s also how it worked with Eccleston. And, that is also how it works with Matt Smith, there are several times Matt Smiths doctor points to how old he is, and several points where he acts the way he does because of how old he is.
          Last weeks episode is also an example of that, he overeacted, why? well, the way I see it that every-thing Jex said, applies both to himself and the Doctor, and the doctor unwillingly is reflected in all Jex says.

          The Doctor said. “You don’t get to decide when your punishment is over!” so is the doctor talking about Jex or himself?
          And punishment for what exactly? obvious answer would be the time-war where he killed his own planet, but he could also be thinking about how he wronged River so many times, or how the negative influence he had on his companions or.. the man he left to die in the previous episode, the list keeps on getting longer.

          “My people believe that when you die, you have to climb a mountain while carrying all of the souls you have ever wronged.” …. auch, yeah Jex maybe have some souls to carry, but those are peanuts compared to the doctor, and the doctor does not like to be reminded of that, that’s why he is so vulnerable, he doesn’t even like himself, in “Lets kill hitler.” the Tardis presents him with a holographic image of himself, and he says. “Oh god, please let it be some-one I like!”

          You can also ask, why did he leave Solomon to die in the previous episode, if he is tired of having so much death weight, wouldn’t the doctor want to redeem himself?
          Well.. the thing is, he is old! the doctor has seen people like Solomon more times than he cares to admit, and he is just tired of it, he knows people like Solomon wont change and if he left him, Solomon would just walk out commit the exact same crime again. had the doctor been younger, he could have been an idealist, but he is old, so old that he cannot be an idealist any-longer, and that is why he needs stopping, and needs a companion whom are still close to real life and moral dillemas, not as far removed from them as the Doctor has become living so long.. thats a lot of analyzing, I am so sorry for the long comment X)

  • Chris Swanson

    Hmmm…I could swear some genius writer took this one on before. 😉

    • Sofie Liv


      • Chris Swanson is what I’m thinking of. 🙂 Your recap was lovely, too. I liked your idea for fixing the opening act.

        • Sofie Liv

           oh, yeah. Well, didn’t want to ‘steal’ from that article.
          Also I clearly disagree this is some of the worst who has ever produced.. clearly it is not..
          But’ it’s a fun article none-the less.

          • Chris Swanson

            It’s not the worst (not as long as “Love and Monsters” is still a thing), but it’s far from the best. I do genuinely love the Eighth Doctor in the audios, however.

            Oh, and I just realized it might not be obvious, since I’ve a different avatar, but I’m the one who wrote that. 😉

          • Sofie Liv

             oh, hallo. Where have you’ve been? your not writing articles any-more? You’ve just been missing from the face-book group.

            And well, even knew who had its share of bad episodes. “Daleks of Manhatten.” “Love and Monsters.” and so on, but over-all it’s very solid and fun.
            And well, when you life so much on the edge as new who does, you are bound to trip ones in a while, it’s all bad of the game. At least I havn’t gone back to the Colin Baker era with the horrendous writing all over the wall D:

          • Chris Swanson

            I’m in the Facebook group. Just look for my picture. 😀 I was planning to do an article just recently, but then someone else did a video covering it, so…yeah. That killed that idea.

          • Sofie Liv

            And now is of cause the time I remember X)

            ah well, with all the new talented video producers, what can you do?

            But you don’t need to let it stop you that some-one made a video about a movie you wanted to write about, we litterately make new videos all the time.

  • Oh my goodness. I forgot the new season has started. O_O

    Thanks for the reminder, Sophie! Fantastic review, now I might watch this movie…well, after I’ve caught up on the new season. 😉

    • Sofie Liv

       the new season is thus far awesome 😀

      Surprisingly dark opening, a little flawed, but the big moments really plays up and gives a emotional impact.
      Very fun second episode, absolutely balancing up the dark opening.
      Clever third and fourth episodes, that actually takes its time to dwell on the doctor as a characters and what drives him.

      And that’s how far we are in, check it out :3

  • Kelvarin

    I really enjoy your reviews, and this one was no exception.  I thought I would comment on your concept of Batman dying on an operating table.  You might want to check out “The Death of Captain Marvel”, a great book even if you don’t know anything about the character.  Your comment mirrors one made by Spiderman:
    “I mean, this just can’t be happening.  Captain Marvel is one of us, he’s a full-blown, card carrying Super Hero.  We die from bullets and Bombs….”  The entire time you where doing that part I kept flash back to the Graphic Novel, and thinking with a good writer it could work.  (funny how things stick in your head now I need to go find that book and reread it)  Thanks for all your hard work and time you put into making these.    

    • Sofie Liv

       Thank you!

      Well yeah, in the hands of the right writers, and if the entire point of the story is exactly that out-come. I also think “The Crimson.” Avengers going out story really hit a nerve like that.. if you don’t know whom he is, he was one of the big pulp heroes, back in his day in the silver age fighting along side Batman and Superman, he was even, one of the first, and had his own solo adventures, but then some-how he just vanished, simply.. he was forgotten. He made a few returns in new comics as an elder mentor figure to other heroes, even had small appearances in the Justice League animated series, though mostly in the back-ground. And well, then in the comics he finally meet his death, saving a lot of people on a sinking ship, and yet no one knew he even died there nor who he was, no one except one of the people whom saw him on the boat. A man whom was ones a hero, now forgotten, deciding to go out couragesly with a bang in spite of every-thing, and the entire story there, was about that single point, thus it was actually a good emotion filled story.

      Killing off a hero like that, can be very emotional, and when handled well, really leaves the biggest emotional impact on you, so now, I am not against killing, I am just against killing without emotional impact or reason.

      The end of the Seventh Doctor wasn’t the point of this movie, and it isn’t supposed to be. so it’s still just as shameful.

      And your welcome, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t enjoy it! I truly do, and well, knowing people wants to watch, it does mean a lot to me, so thank you for caring!

  • DavidWilmotLow

    as much as i want to love matt smith, he just doesnt convey the sort of gravitas that the doctor should possess. there are times when he tries to act imposing or threatening, and i honestly just laugh. eccleston seemed to have the opposite problem, and was often WAY to intense. of the three modern doctors, i still think tennant was the best, because he was beliavable playing both the light hearted silly side, and the threatening, scary side of the doctor.

    • Sofie Liv

       This is just my personal preferance of cause, but I kind of prefer Matt Smith..
      I think he is the one able to convey the Doctor better while David Tennant some-times tends to over-act a bit much and be a bit to sparractive while I think Matt Smith finds a better balance.

      Well, one thing I can say is that Mat Smiths doctor is more distracted in genneral, some-times he is so caught up in what he is thinking that it takes a while for him to pick up on what is happening right in front of him. But I actually find that that comes more from the writing than Mat Smiths acting, it was the script that said he didn’t realise at first that Rory had come back from the dead, Matt Smith just acted it out.
      He also seems more like an alien and more like an old man in my eyes. I do think he has plenty of times where is really really angry, just take “A town called Mercy.” where he indeed gets pissed.. and maybe even mostly at himself.
      And he is funny to! Matt Smith makes me laugh! again, personal preferance, this just happens to be mine.

  • 93MANIAC

    I was wondering if you cod do a review of Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour because I think that this is the perfect episode for you to a possitive review of because it is the introduction of Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor and it would also be perfect as a little tribute to Rory and Amy after what happened in The Angels Take Manhattan and if you want something to complain about then just critique the final moments of David Tenant’s Tenth Doctor because even if the leadup to the regeniration was freaking awesome the I Don’t Want To Go did not just hurt Matt Smith’s first episodes I also hurt David Tenant’s episodes please tell me waht you think about this sugestion and yes I am also a fan of Matt Smith Eleventh Doctor just incase you are curious my only problems with him is taht he looks alittle to much like David Tenant’s Tenth Doctor but taht is just a minor complain

    • Sofie Liv

       It wouldn’t be right away, because I am fully booked up until the end of the year.. seriously.. my schedule right now is crazy.

      But it actually is the eleventh hour specifically I have considered to make a positive review of for numerous of reasons.

      1; I would love to introduce new people to Doctor who through that episode, I think it would be a brilliant introduction.

      2; way more personal note.. when I first saw that episode.. I was absolutely stunned into a stand-still. Why? well because, it felt like I was watching my own child-hood fantasy unfolding before my eyes, that whole story of little Amelia pond, waiting for a ragedy fantasy friend to take her away on adventure, it felt like I was watching my inner child. After watching the episode, I drew a picture of little Amelia Pond, sitting by a pond, on her suitcase, looking up in the night sky waiting for the doctor, then I stopped, and I was flabbergasted, because I realised I had drawn that exact drawing numerous of times before while growing up, only it had often secretly been a self portrait. It’s my child-hood fantasy, right there on the screen.. and every-thing in the episode fitted it, the way it was shoot in the night, the music, every-thing. Just… dang.. and dammit, I love that episode so very much.

  • Mr Shankly

    Great review, it’s fun watching you talk about Doctor Who. It’s pretty cool to see how much the new series took off this film, even the annoying stuff like the doctor kissing his companions which only worked in Flesh and Stone because Matt Smith acted horrified like a thousand year old alien probably would.

    I’d love to see Paul McGann reappear as the doctor in a future episode (maybe a four doctors special with Ecclestone, Tennant and Smith fingers crossed). He still looks pretty much the same as he did back then so it wouldn’t look weird. 

    Btw Sofie you’d make a good doctor who companion.