Stone Cold (1991) (part 2 of 2)

27. Of course, since Huff is a cop, he can’t really cut the guy’s ear off. Instead, he sends the man off with a warning not to return, and then delivers the ear of a corpse to Chains. (When he gives Chains the ear, Joe offers the memorable line, “Let’s just say I saved the guy a fortune in Q-Tips.”) This gets him in with the Brotherhood, but Ice is displeased when Chains sends Huff out to do a pickup run with Nancy Kerrigan and another biker named Tool (these names make the film worth seeing all by themselves!).

28. The pickup doesn’t go so well. There’s a mafia hood feuding with the Brotherhood, and he tosses a grenade that ends up severely mangling Tool. Nancy loses the pickup money to the mob guys, so Huff gives her money from his own pocket to cover the loss. Awwww.

29. Meanwhile, Chains has a contact with the Biloxi police, who’s a sexy female, of course. He asks her to look up information about this “John Stone” character.

30. The whole gang visits Tool in the hospital and sees his grotesque injuries. Chains grabs Tool’s overly bandaged hand and asks if it’s a “Q-Tip”, and that’s this movie’s second joke about Q-Tips. Were they a sponsor?

31. Huff sets up a drug deal in order to take down both the gang and the mafia at the same time (can’t say the man doesn’t have ambition). Hilariously, they’ll be selling a liquid drug called, no lie, “P2P”. I knew file sharing was a scourge on this nation!

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Ed Harris

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Multi-Part Article: Stone Cold (1991)

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