But I still haven’t seen Babylon 1-4 yet!


J. Michael Straczynski is promising a Babylon 5 movie, but this time he’s totally serious, you guys!

The early 1990s “okay, I guess” TV show still has its share of devotees, but it’s never been among the ranks of the “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’VE NEVER SEEN” sci-fi TV classics.


Three times Straczynski has tried to bring Babylon 5 to the big screen, although previous efforts have been expansions of the TV storyline rather than a reboot. Tying a movie to five seasons of existing back story has always been a dumb idea that was going to limit the size of theater audiences to existing fans (and the long-suffering significant others they force to accompany them). Since Straczynski wants to the film to be a $100 million epic, he’s finally willing to kill his darlings and start from scratch.

Straczynski hopes that Warner Brothers will sign the big check, but if not, he says he’s ready to go it alone and finance the movie through his own production company Studio JMS (dude, really? Your own initials? Tacky.)

Since Babylon 5 hasn’t been able to sustain a comic book or novel series in more than a decade, there’s no evidence for a passionate fan base crying out in the wilderness for more. This seems more like a Straczynski vanity project than anything else. In fact, it’s Straczynski’s own involvement that is the most damning thing about the reboot. Nothing against the guy, but Battlestar Galactica and the new Star Trek movies needed all-new creative teams to break away and rise above. That’s just the way reboots work.

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