Stephen Colbert Has A Few Words For This Marxist Pope Guy (Video)

Stephen Colbert is torn, poor fellow. On the one hand, he says, he is “America’s most prominent Catholic.” Then again, he is also “America’s foremost capitalist. I love the invisible hand of the market so much I let it get to third base.” Ah, but there’s the conflict. That darn Pope Francis guy wants to cramp his style, with all that anti-capitalist, “don’t be worshiping money” cruelty of his.


Happily, Bill O’Reilly has it all figured out — Pope Francis’s words have just been co-opted by the Left for their own nefarious, income-redistributing purposes. The Pope would never say that, at least not until last week when he actually did call for redistribution of wealth. Could God be a Commie?

But can’t Stephen have it both ways? “Where is it written,” he asks, “that I can’t love both God and money? I mean besides in Matthew where Jesus says you cannot serve both God and money?”

Would have been nice if they’d found a better end to the sketch, but this is still some Prime Colbert.

TV Show: The Colbert Report

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