Stephen Colbert Has Had It With All This Non-Musical Class Warfare

Stephen Colbert weighs in on the oppression of the rich, who have it pretty rough these days, with all those resentful non-rich who keep threatening to redistribute tiny percentages of their wealth, just like Hitler did. Or maybe the French Revolution, though Colbert notes that our peasants don’t even put on any uplifting musicals. Class warfare always goes down a lot easier with a Broadway anthem.

Colbert makes short work of not-quite-billionaire Tom Perkins and his contention that the rich will be holocausted — “there’s no better way to fight bigotry than equating Jews with a wealth cabal who control world business.” To discuss the threat of class warfare, Stephen welcomes fellow plutocrat, New York Daily News publisher Mort Zuckerman, who unaccountably thinks inequality is a serious problem, possibly because he’s a commie.

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It’s nice to see Zuckerman spar with Colbert, playing along with the clueless rich conservative persona and getting in some jabs for progressive goals while playing off of it. We should definitely eat him last when the revolution comes.

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