Stephen Colbert Is Worried About Karl Rove's Brain (Video)

Stephen Colbert brings you the definitive analysis of Karl Rove’s recent medical genius, in which the Republican operative and Fox News pundit diagnosed Hillary Clinton with brain damage. Sure, Rove’s gotten a lot of flack for the completely unfounded speculation, but on the other hand, cable TV news is definitely talking about it, so Rove’s accomplished his goal.


And there were those ugly glasses, which looked “like orthopedic shoes for your face. You’d have to be brain damaged to wear those. Or nearsighted, which I believe is caused by brain damage.” Still, there’s a greater concern: what exactly is going on with Karl Rove’s brain? It’s making up all kinds of crazy shit. Could that be evidence of traumatic brain fail? Stephen’s just asking!

TV Show: The Colbert Report

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