Stephen Colbert Is Loving The Iraq Pack's Reunion Tour (Video)

Stephen Colbert Is Loving The Iraq Pack's Reunion Tour (Video)On Thursday’s Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert welcomed the reunion tour of his favorite band, even though they’re all just playing the base. John McCain is absolutely right, Stephen says: in 2009, America had the war won, “when we left Iraq a peaceful, smoldering democracy.” And even the leader of the Iraq Pack, Old Dead Eyes, is back, even if that mean old liberal Megyn Kelly is attacking him.

Enjoy your clipbait, America, and rest assured that our selection of today’s clip was in no way influenced by the footage used in the Colbert Report’s depiction of Baghdad in 2009. Also, if you’re viewing at work, be advised that there’s a joke in there about Dick Cheney’s balls, so you may want to turn down the volume. (And while you shouldn’t be watching videos at work, we’re so glad you’re watching them here.)

TV Show: The Colbert Report

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  • Spurning Beer

    Would it kill you to give us some Megyn Kelly side boob?

    • M H

      We have a glass table which is…really creepy when you think about it.

  • dsmith

    “Investigation into the total number of Iraqi deaths between 2003 and 2011 by the University of Washington Department of Global Health. Nearly 40 percent of deaths in Iraq that occurred in that time period were a result of the U.S. conflict, researchers say, putting the death toll at about 461,000.”This alone qualifies Bush Cheney as war criminals because the war was unnecessary. Saddam was boxed in with a no fly zone. But still Bush Cheney organized a war committee within the White House, two of which included Mary Matalin and Paul Wolfowitz. The mission of the group was to “Sell” the war to the American public. The committee came up with WMDs and the rest is history. Another group of brainiacs came up with an idea, which was rejected, proposing that a US pilot should fly a suicide mission in a plane painted with UN colors. When the plane was shot down, that would give Bush an excuse to retaliate against Saddam. Sorry pilot, family and friends, an excuse for war is more important than one flight crew.