Stephen Colbert Gets Swept Up In the Magic Of Idaho Republican Debate (Video)

Stephen Colbert took his sweet time getting to last Thursday’s weird gubernatorial debate in Idaho, where the appearance of two brilliantly weird minor candidates was engineered by the incumbent “Governor and Wind in the Willows character Butch Otter.” Like the rest of America, Colbert was charmed by biker and former Seabee Harley Brown, whose opening statement, “Don’t think I’m crazy, ’cause I’m not!” Colbert favorably compared to “I know we just met but I don’t have a human head in my freezer.” And then there’s the even more loveable Walt Bayes, the crotchety Bible-thumping high school graduate who came on “like a vengeful Backwoods Santa.” And like the rest of us, it was hard for Stephen to decide which lunatic to root for.


The real surprise, of course, will come in just a few years, when both of these guys will just be considered mainstream Republicans.

TV Show: The Colbert Report

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