Stephen Colbert Pledges To Do More Nothing About Climate Change Than Anyone Else (Video)

Stephen Colbert has The Word on the White House’s recently released climate report, an assessment that has him “so terrified that it left a carbon footprint in my pants.” Climate change is real, it’s here now, and it’s bad (“I have always believed that I have always said that”). So what’s to be done about it?


Fortunately, Colbert has a solution: Doing something would be, in technical terms, “hard.” So fuck it. It’s unstoppable, so we may as well just not bother making personal sacrifices. If not believing we can make a difference is good enough for Marco Rubio, then by golly, it should be good enough for all of us. And why not apply this to all our other problems, too? Bad schools? Do nothing, and “eventually, no one will know what they don’t know.” And it even works on a personal level: Relationship problems? Ignore the problem, and it will go away, along with the relationship. Why just fiddle while Rome burns, Stephen asks, when you could throw the fiddle on the fire, too?

TV Show: The Colbert Report

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