Watch Stephen Colbert Explain How #CancelColbert Makes Him Just Like Jesus (Video)

Stephen Colbert jumped on the cooling ashes of the #CancelColbert nontroversy Monday, explaining that the out-of-context tweet was sent (and removed) by a Comedy Central account, not by him, but that he will nonetheless not bow to the “dark forces trying to silence my message of core conservative principles mixed with youth-friendly product placement.” It’s pretty funny, and we have it for you right here, because we are Good Americans.

Best moment (yeah, yeah, spoiler schmoiler): Colbert points out that in all the fuss over the out-of-context tweet, there wasn’t much said about the actual target of the joke on his teevee show, the genuinely tone-deaf, unironic “Washington Redskins’ Original Americans Foundation,” which Colbert says “Twitter seems to be fine with, because I haven’t seen shit about that.”

And here’s Part Deux:

Also worth a look, Stephen’s interview with Twitter founder Biz Stone, who kindly refuses to apologize, and helps kill the offending account. He has a book to sell, too.

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  • Arcturus

    Must be OK to say “shit” on Comedy Central now. I heard it twice last night on Colbert’s show.

    • I think it’s a “time of night” function.

    • $73376667

      Remember when the Vchip was going to let us have hard-core pornography on broadcast TV?

      • Here in Germany they make you pay a public TV tax. I guess the public response was to make sure they broadcast porn every night starting at 11:00 ish because that’s what they do. Not complaining, just reporting. LOL. Enjoy.

  • Deleted

    This post was deleted.

  • Carter

    You know it IS kind of problematic how much more comfortable people are with racism toward asians than racism that targets other groups.

    • MRC210

      Are you really saying this in response to an article that points out that a huge fuss was made over Colbert’s joke, but no-one cared about the original slur on Native Americans that was the target of Colbert’s joke?

      • Carter

        Yes. I think just because Colbert was making a valid point it doesn’t excuse the casual racism he used to make the point. There’s been plenty of twitter outrage over the Redskins, the fact that it didn’t happen this time is a direct result of Colbert obscuring the issue with a tasteless comment.I personally didn’t mind the joke, but I’m not Asian. And I’m not a big fan of telling people from different backgrounds as me when they’re allowed to be offended.

        • MRC210

          Dan Snyder established a foundation for the benefit of Native Americans with a racist slur for Native Americans right in its name and no one cared. When Colbert gave an example of what this would sound like if the people being slurred were Asians, people immediately took offense on behalf of Asians. So I’m asking why you’re saying “people are more comfortable with racism towards Asians” than other groups, when precisely the opposite of this happened here.