Stephen Colbert Finally Gets To Bundy Story As It Goes South...And Picks Cotton (Video)

After Jon Stewart spent a good chunk of the week on the Cliven Bundy story (and feuding with Sean Hannity), it’s a little surprising to see that The Colbert Report didn’t touch it until Thursday, after the right’s new darling shared his thoughts on the negro. (Then again, both shows were on break last week.) Still, this gave Colbert the chance to nicely wrap everything up, from his faux-wingnut perspective. Sure, Cliven Bundy didn’t pay grazing fees for 20 years because he doesn’t recognize the U.S. Government, but that’s logically consistent, says Colbert: “OK, you can’t pay a government if it doesn’t exist. Especially not with the money that it issued.”


And then there’s Colbert’s pal at Fox, Sean Hannity, who “ate up that story so hard, Bundy should have charged him grazing fees.” Thanks to Hannity and the others in the rightwing media machine, the militias descended on the Bundy ranch, and Cliven Bundy became a folk hero. “And like every folk hero,” says Colbert, “he deserves a folk song.” So we get “The Ballad of Cliven Bundy,” a stirring little ditty that sums up the right’s infatuation with the brave fellow who stood up to the Feds, refusing to bow to the government whose flag he sure liked to wave around a lot. It’s also the only cowboy ballad we’ve seen that summarizes Nevada land policy and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. And the song, just like the coverage, goes along swimmingly right up until we get to Mr. Bundy’s observations on the sad fact that the modern negro has never learned to pick cotton, and so is sadly enslaved by welfare — wouldn’t actual slavery be better? Happily, Stephen has an insight — it’s not really as bad as it sounds: since Bundy, doesn’t accept the authority of the federal government, “it would be hypocritical to believe in the Emancipation Proclamation.”

TV Show: The Colbert Report

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