Stephen Colbert Agrees With Bill O'Reilly: Ladies Can't Be President Because They Pee Sitting Down

Sure, Bill O’Reilly has gotten some flack for asking whether a lady like Hillary Clinton has the cojones to be president. It’s bad enough that we have a president who wears mom jeans; why would we want an actual mom? Happily, Stephen Colbert has Papa Bear’s big hairy back — though not with a loofah. O’Reilly recently posited that there just has to be a “downside to having a woman president, something…something that may not fit with that office.”


You might think the discussion would have just ended with Fox’s Kirsten Powers simply saying, “Hmm, I’m gonna say no, Bill,” but there you go, thinking when Bill O’Reilly is in the room. Thankfully, Stephen has the real nitty gritty kitty ditty on this lady president thing, and why the world is just not ready for a lady leader, just like it wasn’t ready for Golda Meier or Margaret Thatcher. And there you go, it’s just logic, bing-bing-bing!

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“Bing-bing-bing-bing-bing” is your new “tide goes in, tide goes out,” America.

Also, because no conversation about this topic is complete without Laurie Anderson noting that they say women shouldn’t be the president, ’cause they go crazy from time to time, we’ll give her the last word. Push my buttons, baby:

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