Staying Alive (1983) (part 3 of 6)

After the show ends, Jackie is backstage, and Tony gushes over her for a while. And then he spots Laura as she goes by on an upper level. Tony heads up to her dressing room and opens the door, standing and staring for a few seconds before knocking.

A terse conversation ensues. In one corner, we have a smarmy slimeball who thinks he’s god’s greatest gift to women. In the other, well… Let’s just say that for this chick, the charm classes didn’t exactly take. I’ve seen drunken trailer trash rednecks on COPS with sunnier personalities.

Tony throws out some compliments, which Laura accepts in as bored a manner as one could possibly muster. He asks if they could get together sometime, and talk about how incredible she is.

Laura: Thank you, but I do already know that.
Tony: Say what?
Laura: I already know.
Tony: Well in case you don’t know this, I used to be pretty incredible myself when I lived in Brooklyn.
Laura: Really? What happened?
Tony: I moved to Manhattan.

Oh, I see a lot of really obnoxious kids if these two ever mate.

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Ed Harris

A fan of less than great cinema since childhood, Ed divides his time between writing scripts, working an actual paying job and subjecting himself willingly to some of the worst films society has produced.

Multi-Part Article: Staying Alive (1983)

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