VIDEO: State of Fear: Looks that kill

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The Fear Fan presents the first in a series of short episodes that deal exclusively with his opinions, with only a minimum of comedy.

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  • NixEclips

    Nicely done.

  • Cristiona

    Yeah, I’d say that the look is pretty important. Of course, I also think Jason looked pretty creepy with just the bag, too. After all, it worked for Sam in Trick R Treat.

    • fearfanforever

      True, but it works better for Sam for the same reasons stated in the episode. Think about who Sam is- The Spirit of Halloween Mischief.
      He appears to be a child, and that embodies, the childlike sense of fun and happiness that Halloween carries with it, and he’s clearly (in his own way) just a kid out to enjoy Halloween.
      Still, his silence, and unnerving costume also speak of the more frightening side of the holiday, the idea that something terrible and unnatural lurks just outside of our vision, and that Halloween is a night on which the unearthly can walk free…

  • DeanD

    As huge a NOES fan as I am, I never thought about Freddy choosing to look the way he does, but that’s a very insightful point. You have expanded my perception. Looks like this series of editorials is going to work out just fine. Good job!

    • fearfanforever

      Thanks! Like I said, I think WAY too much about this stuff. 🙂