Starting today, Starz offers two free episodes of Survivor’s Remorse… a sitcom??

survivors remorse

Do you think “Survivor’s Remorse” is the kind of upbeat, makes-you-wanna-laugh title that’s perfect for a sitcom? If so, you’re probably NBA superstar LeBron James.

James is exec producing the new show, which debuts on Starz next weekend. It’s loosely based on his life as a teenage basketball phenom who is suddenly showered with seemingly unlimited money, fame, and adulation after signing a multi-million dollar NBA contract.


It’s a good premise for a comedy—and I get where they’re going with the title when the young hero has to leave all his friends behind in poverty to go be rich and famous—but damn, doesn’t it sound more like George Clooney’s latest semi-art house flick (or Leonardo DiCaprio trying way too hard to win an Oscar)?

Starting today, Starz is offering the first two episodes (of six total) free on, TwitterYouTubeFacebook, Amazon Instant Video, and Xbox, and elsewhere. The series premiere airs next Saturday at 9/8 p.m.

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