Let’s All Watch The Official ‘House Of Cards’ Season Two Trailer Fifteen Times In A Row

Back in December, Netflix teased the new House of Cards season with a trailer that was nothing but 30 seconds of Robin Wright smoking a cigarette. We all watched it anyway, because it was Robin Wright and it was the closest thing to House of Cards we could get. Today, they’ve finally released the full trailer.


What will feverishly repeated viewings of the trailer learn you? Kevin Spacey is still slithery and has possibly snaked his way up to Vice President. Except, of course, whatever got him there is completely evil and likely illegal, and the wheels come off very quickly. There seems to be less of Kate Mara as half-ingenue half-devil baby reporter Zoe Barnes, and we are totally fine with that, particularly because it also appears to have more murder and more Kevin Spacey hurling things, including a lamp and some sort of breakfast bread. Everyone looks like a tough guy when they can throw their meal around. Robin Wright isn’t in the trailer as much as we would want, which is to say it isn’t just two unbroken minutes of Robin Wright, but when she does show up, she reminds you that she’s even more calculating and soulless than Spacey.

Break out your binge-watching gear soon, because Netflix will give you the whole series on February 14, 2014. Apologize to your significant other in advance for forgetting Valentine’s Day entirely.

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