Starflight One (1982) (part 8 of 11)

Starflight drifts on. Cody and Erica share a tender moment in the cockpit where she feels she can finally reveal that she “appreciate[s]” him. Wow, at last. He mentions his wife showed up at Ground Control. Erica is unfazed, but Cody remains deep in thought.

Then Lee Majors puts on one of three facial expressions in his entire repertoire, namely the Cocked-Eyebrow Sideways-Glance as the sun rises through the cockpit windows again. We then get a shot of the earth from orbit, but there’s no sun in the shot. [?] Cody reveals that he has to turn the lights on and off every 45 minutes, which is “the only entertainment on this flying coffin.” Erica says it’s not a coffin, and she’s sure they’ll find a way to get home safe.

Cody is still lost in thought, however. Suddenly, he has a revelation. He asks NASA Guy if an airtight container could be used to transfer Josh to the Columbia. NASA replies in the affirmative, so Cody tells Erica to tell Josh to get ready to go. In case you forgot everything they just said about “coffins” a minute ago, I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat wondering what Cody came up with. All I can say is, you really ought to slide back.

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Multi-Part Article: Starflight One (1982)

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