Starflight One (1982) (part 7 of 11)

Starflight drifts on. Cut to Cody saying into his radio, “Refuel the rockets? [NASA Guy], you’re crazier than I am!” NASA Guy replies that Columbia will be making “the delivery” and refueling Starflight’s tanks with “liquid hydrogen”.

Now, bear in mind I’m not the expert on space travel, but even from the tiny bit of information I have, I know this is plainly preposterous. The Space Shuttle uses up virtually all of its fuel just breaking free from earth’s gravity, and if you look at the configuration of the Space Shuttle, what with that huge fuel tank and booster rockets, it’s fair to say that almost all of the weight of the Shuttle at liftoff is fuel. And these goofballs want to somehow put more fuel on the Shuttle? Ignoring the obvious question of where they would stash all this extra fuel, wouldn’t that make it impossible for the shuttle to reach space? I mean, hell, they used to paint the big fuel tank white, but they actually stopped doing this to reduce the weight. So, if plain old paint can make that much of a difference, it’s fair to say shipping up extra liquid hydrogen is impractical to an idiotic degree.

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Multi-Part Article: Starflight One (1982)

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