Starflight One (1982) (part 11 of 11)

Up in the cockpit, Co-Pilot apologizes about the earlier “gloom”. Oh, is that what he calls being a dick? Cody’s already over it, and he describes Josh’s plan about the XU-5. The oddest thing is that here Cody calls it “Columbia’s XU-5” [??], which makes absolutely no sense. I’m assuming the line was supposed to be “NASA’s XU-5”, but I’m the only person who stayed awake through this movie long enough to catch the mistake.

Anyway, Cody repeats that XU-5 will be their heat shield for re-entry if they “stay close enough”. By the way, what happened to NASA’s creativity when it came to naming Shuttles? First Enterprise, then Columbia, then… XU-5? Huh?

Co-Pilot mentions there’s a chance both ships will be taken out by this maneuver. And he actually says that “Columbia’s not big enough” [??]. Now, is it XU-5, Columbia, or Columbia’s XU-5? I have no idea what’s going on, and I suspect neither did any of the filmmakers. Cody says Starflight’s “wingtips will burn”, but she’ll get through.

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Multi-Part Article: Starflight One (1982)

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