Starflight One (1982) (part 1 of 11)

With an All-Star Cast!
Starflight One (1982) (part 1 of 11) Cody Briggs (Lee Majors). Every airplane disaster movie needs an Ace Pilot, and Cody’s the guy. He hits all the clichés (from being a war hero to cheating on his wife) and even has a cap that’s supposed to be his “lucky hat”. He pilots the maiden voyage of Starflight One, the first ever hypersonic passenger jet. Unfortunately, due to no fault of Cody’s (I’m sure), the plane ends up in space. Whoops!
Starflight One (1982) (part 1 of 11) Josh Gilliam (Hal Linden). The designer of Starflight One. He doesn’t think Starflight is ready to take off, but he doesn’t do anything about it like, say, stop the flight. When the plane ends up in orbit, he’s quickly rescued by the Space Shuttle [!!] and brought back to earth. Because when a plane is in trouble, you want its designer to be as far away from the actual plane as possible.
Starflight One (1982) (part 1 of 11) Erica Hansen (Lauren Hutton). Works aboard Starflight One in an unexplained capacity. Having an affair with Cody the Pilot. Also has a daughter who hates her, for reasons that are not completely unjustified.
Starflight One (1982) (part 1 of 11) QT (Ray Milland). The millionaire businessman that financed Starflight One. Determined to have the plane take off on time despite all objections. Fortunately, there aren’t too many objections.

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Multi-Part Article: Starflight One (1982)

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