VIDEO: The Star Wars: The Force Awakens vlog/video review roundup

Cecil’s vlog/review:

Ursa’s vlog/review:

Il Neige’s vlog/review:

Il Neige’s Spoiler Discussion (CONTAINS SPOILERS):

Renegado’s vlog/review (IN SPANISH/EN ESPAÑOL):

Our reviewers share their initial thoughts about the first of many new Star Wars movies.

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  • RockyDmoney

    I think it was a good idea to parallel A new Hope. That way we can concentrate on the new characters as we already kinda get the gist of the story. And it worked. These new characters are absolutely fantastic

  • maarvarq

    Re: a kind of throwaway comment in Jill’s review on Kylo Ren’s first unmasking, I did sort of think “Just as I suspected … I’ve never seen you before.”, i.e. it felt like it was meant to be some kind of reveal but we had no expectations in the first place.

  • Anyone have any thoughts about what Lando’s doing in the Force Awakens timeframe? As the movie went on I kept expecting that information, but it either was missing or I overlooked it. Am I the only one who’s curious about that? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills…

    • Pud

      This trilogy already has a Black Guy, right? I think they have a limit of one per trilogy.

      • Toby Clark

        Phantom Menace had Captain Panaka, and Attack of the Clones had Captain Typho and Jango Fett (actors of Samoan and Māori descent respectively, which may or may not be pushing it). And I guess by extension Boba Fett now counts for the original trilogy.

  • Gallen_Dugall

    Even if everything else was terrible (everything else is fine) the cast does an amazing job making this worth seeing, but setting aside the rose tinted glasses there are plenty of issues with the film.
    First as with all JJ Abrams films the setup is the strongest part of the film. The first third of all his films are great but front and center there’s Jar Jar Abrams – yes that’s what the Js really stand for. He is a competent director. What’s inexcusable are his JJisms which are asinine, pointless, and only there so JJ can have his personal stamp on things. It’s annoying in the same way that Trump slapping the name Trump on every project he’s involved with is annoying. For example if JJ did a WWII film there would be a scene where the president looked out the Oval Office window to see the Nazis take Paris just so JJ could film the emotional reaction shot. It’s not that there aren’t other ways to frame a reaction shot but this is a JJism and it’s there to punch the viewer in the face that they are watching “A JJ ABRAMS FILM BITCHES!!!” There are LOTS of JJisms crammed into this thing (like characters knowing things only shown to the audience) and if you know what they are they take you right out of it – it helps to enjoy this film if you’re ignorant.Thank the creator that he won’t be back for the next one.
    Beyond that everyone had already decided that this film was “TEH GR8EST EVAR!!!” before even seeing it mainly out of knee jerk George Lucas hate. There is plenty to take issue with aside from the JJisms but these fall into minor nit-picks and here are a few:
    Kasdan is a one trick pony who does decent (not great) dialog, do remember that in ESB the cast improvised all their now iconic lines – I-am-your-father/I-know/everything-Yoda-says all improvised. The rest of ESB like TFA (and everything else Kasdan does) is just “everything you know is wrong” over and over. ESB was two fricking hours of everything you know from the last film is wrong. Admittedly ESB is the best film of the franchise but even it has issues and they’re nearly all in the script. Here the happy ending of RotJ is all a lie and everyone lived horribly ever after limping from one tragedy to the next. That’s Kasdan’s one trick. Doesn’t make him a bad writer, just be glad he isn’t coming back for the next one.
    Weakest Williams score to date. I strongly suspect it’s simply misuse of the score by the semi-competent director. Without looking at the score track titles do you have any idea whose themes are whose? Take a master and shove his work in the background – great job Jar Jar Abrams.
    The endless muddled ending. “Oh nose the big scary thing is about to happen!” let’s break for a sequence of tension and drama destroying sequences, now back to the big scary thing, now more interruptions, a bridge to nowhere, formulaic stuff, ‘splosions, people running around the woods as Kylo Ren’s power level fluctuates from thousands of times more powerful than any character ever seen in the franchise to completely depowered because reasons, ‘splosions, now it’s over, now it’s not, now let’s limp to an EXTREMELY awkward scene where Rey holds out a lightsaber as a helicopter circles the scene for what feels like three minutes. Great job zooming in and out to frame the helicopter’s shadow almost completely out of frame pseudo-competent director.