VIDEO: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977)

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Look Ma, no puns! Instead, we’ve got prequels, sequels, mythology, prophecy, and when it’s better Not To Know.

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  • RockyDmoney

    The original star wars succeeds because it is simple. It is a simple story of good vs evil…the hero’s quest. The stakes are high…stop the death star from blowing up the planet and easy to follow. One of the things I noticed in phantom menace was characters kept SAYING “we’re running out of time” Running out of time for what? What are the stakes? If this plan fails cant you just come back and try another?

    • Jonathan Campbell

      If the plan fails then odds are everyone they are with will be captured or killed. Possibly including yourself.

      Its a three-pronged battle. You have to finish your part of the mission as fast and efficiently as possible because the people fighting the droid army / fighting Darth Maul / going after the Viceroy / battling in space…there are all counting on you. The stakes are the fate of a planet and the lives and welfare of the people living on it.

  • Zee Panda

    “…our imaginations supply better back story than any prequel ever could and that might be something of a contributing factor for some fans’ hatred of the prequels…”
    It definitely is a big part of mine!
    I love the original trilogy for a lot of reasons and one of them definitely is that when we meet the major characters we are given all the facts we need to know about them right away to understand who they are without long, drawn-out scenes of exposition and backstory. Some of the characters – Han, Leia, Obi-wan – have stories that are no less interesting for being mostly implied. (I would not have minded a prequel trilogy that told some of those stories, actually, but I understand that the EU has that covered.) Other bits of the story don’t need an explanation (again, you could get some good stories out of Han’s and Lando’s implied history but they’re not necessary for the plot as it happens and would drag it down, actually) and some, we now know, suffer for it. YMMV and all that, but I always thought the Force was way more interesting as this quasi-mystical life essence that some people have an affinity for using and some people do not.

  • Gallen_Dugall

    One thing Lucas did that really feeds quick film worldbuilding was to capitalize on simple imagery. There’s a story about how he would go through all the proposed art designs by glancing very briefly at them, because if you can’t tell what it is at a glance it wouldn’t work. Then those images were linked to music cues so the audience immediately knew how to feel about them. The art crew that worked on Star Wars is justifiably a legendary group of people.
    I look forward to the ESB reviews. Technically the best of the films it enraged me as a youth since it gets all its “thrills” from saying “That stuff we told you in the last movie? NOT TRUE! What a twist huh?” repeatedly. Anyone can make something entertaining by tearing down something else – it’s the principle behind internet nerd-rage-reviews after all.