Star Trek: Voyager “Threshold” (part 4 of 7)

When we get back from commercial, there’s still no sign of Paris. Tuvok says that he did indeed cross that threshold we’ve been hearing so much about. Kim says searching for him might be hopeless, because he could be anywhere in the universe. Janeway gives perhaps the only decent line of the entire episode when she says, “We’ll just have to keep searching our small corner.”

Thankfully, we won’t have to see any of that search, because the shuttle Cochrane suddenly comes streaking out of warp and appears alongside the ship. Their sensors indicate Paris is onboard, but “his life signs are weak”. So Janeway has him beamed directly to Sick Bay. Which, I think, happens on at least every third episode of this show. Hey, here’s a great idea, gang. Why not have your transporter room right next to Sick Bay? Or perhaps put the transporter in Sick Bay? Then you wouldn’t have to keep giving the order to beam people directly there.

Caption contributed by Albert

“Captain, materializing off the starboard bow! It’s the sooooooooooooooooul train!”

Cut to the holographic Doctor sweeping a device across Tom’s unconscious body. The Doctor tells the captain that Paris is in perfect health, and is “just… asleep.”

Janeway asks the Doc to wake him, so in a mildly comedic bit, he hunches down by Tom’s ear and yells, “Wake up, Lieutenant!” and Tom starts awake. Okay, so he was just asleep? Then what was up with his life signs being “weak” in the previous scene? Oh, it was for the purposes of creating fake drama in a desperate attempt to keep people tuned in? And also for the purposes of this silly little joke? Okay. Carry on, then.

Caption contributed by Albert

“Look, mister, you are not going to get out of cuddling with me that easily!”

Janeway asks Paris if he remembers what happened, and it turns out he had some kind of shaman-esque OOB experience where he could see himself, he could see the outside of the shuttle, he could see inside Voyager. “I could see inside this room!” And also, one assumes, inside everybody’s quarters. But I suppose he can’t really delve into that here. I’m sure he’ll answer all speculation about whether Kes’ carpet matches the drapes in one of his future personal logs.

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Multi-Part Article: Star Trek: Voyager "Threshold"

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